Season 7 - Gore

Heraldry Harry
Heraldry Harry

HH7: Gore

This season happened in March of 2019 and for the twist, participants had to include a gore, the ordinary, in their design.


Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Purpure, a palm branch Argent between two gores Argent fimbriated Argent and Purpure. For a crest, issuing between two palm branches Argent a gavel Purpure and perched on it a peacock Argent.
Symbolism: On the shield the palm branch - an ancient symbol of royalty and justice – emerges from between two fimbriated gores which represent turning pages, to symbolize power and acquiring it from writing and reading. The two gores also represent written law and justice, both religious and mundane. The armiger values personal power and loyalty, hence the peacock in the crest, perching on a gavel as power should be based on justice and equality, two ideals which are also highly important to the armiger. The Purpure refers to the armiger’s monarchism, and the Argent to truth and honesty. The double fimbriation on the gores is also a reference to patterns typical to the characteristic textile of the armiger’s faith.


Nº 1

Maker: A.C Esq#5936
Blazon: Vert, a Sword it's blade hammered into a ploughshare Or, a Gore Sinister of the last. For a Crest, a representation of a Roman temple closed Or. For a Motto, "Love Sought is Good, But Given Unsought Better"
Symbolism: The armiger values peace, love and family, which is in contrast to their name which is after a War deity. Thus to represent this is the old adage of the swords being shaped into ploughshares. The gore here representing the cultivated fields being made by the sword-plough. The Roman temple door is an allusion to the Temple of Janus, which had a door that locked during times of peace. Furthermore, it's silhouette is similar to a simplified image of a house, where a family lives, grows and take shelter.

Nº 2

Maker: Alpha_#4543
Blazon: Sable, a chief gored and gored sinister conjoined lozengy Purpure and Or, a Clydesdale statant proper battle dressed lozengy purpure and Or. For a crest. a chess Knight Aable.
Symbolism: The recipient is from lower Saxony, which has a horse as it's CoA. Additionally he values patience but also good efficient work. A strong work horse like a Clydesdale seems to symbolize all these things effectively. The recipient has a hobby of heraldic art and this is represented by the two lozengy areas which also incorporate two of his favorite colors. The chess piece for a crest symbolizes his love of games while also tying into his geographic location.

Nº 3

Maker: André#9668
Blazon: Quarterly Argent and Azure, double gores and double gores inverted all counterchanged overal a Pictish comb Or. For a crest, a brown bear rampant Proper climbing over three mounts argent in bend.
Symbolism: The tinctures were chosen from the recipient's favourite colours, and with the counterchanging effect they evoke Scotland, as our recipient is a great defender of its culture and independence. The Pictish comb symbolises his love of archaelogy and ties back to Scotland. The crest cants on the recipient's name and refers to his love of hiking.

Nº 4

Maker: Azul
Blazon: Or, a hummingbird volant, a gore and a chief double-enarched, all Vert.
Symbolism: A hummingbird is a symbol of the recipient's values of responsibility and helping others, as it's a bird that restlessly pollinates tropical flowers, also representing their interests of biology, nature, animals and, seeming almost alien from the perspective from the recipient's northern homeland, fantastical creatures. The ordinaries are matching to represent integrity but not simply opposite to each other, to also be a symbol for art and creativity. The tinctures have been used by the recipient as a part of their internet identity for some time, and are limited to only two to be as faithful as possible to their heraldic tradition.

Nº 5

Maker: Di | they/them#0292
Blazon: Argent, a gore and a gore sinister Gules, in chief, three eighth notes of the second, a bordure of the same.
Symbolism: None given.

Nº 6

Maker: Di | they/them#0292
Blazon: Gules, in dexter chief a gore or with a semy of gears Gules, the head of a Unicorn-Goat erased Or, the horn ripping at the gore.
Symbolism: The colors of red and yellow are the colors of Toy Soldiers Unite, which the recipient is a part of. The hybrid animal of a goat and a unicorn represents their love of goats and of Scotland. The gears represent a steampunk aesthetic, which the recipient enjoys costuming in.

Nº 7

Maker: boermac#7798
Blazon: Or, a gore, a gore sinister, in chief a pile embowed all Vert, in center pinned by gores and pile, a icosahedron Sable. For a crest a wyvren sejant erect, Sable.
Symbolism: The gores and pile create three petals which refer to the three members of the recipients family unit. In center a the icosahedron ties back to the recipient's love of games, and D&D in particular. The flower like shape as well as the snake like mantling are a slight reference to biology, which was an area of study for the recipient. The crest is a reference to the recipients home country.

Nº 8

Maker: camila#6873
Blazon: Gules, two gores and two piles enhanced Sable fimbriated Or. For supporters, two bees Or standing upon a mount wavy Sable. For a crest, a cuckoo Gules crowned with a jester hat Or standing upon a mount Or.
Symbolism: The arms are a presentation of the circuit symbol for an antenna, while the accounterments are a pun for britain's major TV stations. The mount of gold/spoils is a cant for the recipent's online name, while the cuckoo is a common songbird from the recipent's homeland, and a quirky metaphor for ye ol' political satire.

Nº 9

Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Or, a hound Azure langued, toothed and clawed Gules, in dexter chief a gore azure semy of mullets of five points Or. For a crest, a demi-hound Azure langued, toothed and clawed Gules wearing a pair of glasses and holding an open book, all Or.
Symbolism: The armiger listed their faith and being a good friend as important virtues. These are represented by the hound, as dogs are considered faithful companions and 'mans best friend'. The gore is positioned as to look like the dog is spewing forth the night sky, to represent the armigers interest in creation and art. The crest is a hound too, mirroring the primary charge, and it is wearing a pair of glasses and holding a book, to represent the armigers interest in reading and history.

Nº 10

Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Argent, a gore and a gore sinister both Sable semy of mullets of four points Argent, a stag rampant Sable, in chief a tree blasted and erased Sable. For a crest, a pair of antlers Sable, between their tips a mullet of eight points Argent.
Symbolism: The armiger listed nature and the cosmos as interests. The cosmic part of that is represented by the gores semy of stars, which also represent the value the armiger places on freedom, as the vast emptiness of space is a place free from the constraints of society. The stag and tree show their interest in nature, the stag being one of their favourite animals, and the tree also representing their spirituality, as the world tree is an important spiritual symbol in many extinct and living religions. The crest is a repetition of these themes, with the antlers representing nature and the star spirituality, the cosmos and their constant striving to be a better person.

Nº 11

Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Or semy of hourglasses bendwise Sale, a gore Sable, a police telephone box bendwise proper. For a crest, a fist covered in fur Sable clawed Or holding a flag party per bend Sable, an ermine spot Or and Or, an ermine spot Sable.
Symbolism: The armiger listed British television history as an important interest, so the main charge is a reference to one of the most popular and influential British tv shows; Doctor Who. The gore and the police box, referencing the time machine used in the show, refer to its intro, and the hourglasses to time being an important theme, as well as the armigers interest in history, both television related and more general. The crest shows a human hand covered in fur and with claws instead of fingernails, to show that the armiger listed themselves as a furry. The ermine spots on the flag the hand is holding are also a nod to that. The flag itself shows the armigers interest in vexilollogy, and it's division their interest in politics, as that is often a divisive subject.

Nº 12

Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Gules, a gore sinister Or, five bees proper bendwise in chevron bendwise. For a crest, an armoured arm Or holding a mace Gules.
Symbolism: The shield shows five bees flying in an arrow formation. They represent the value the armiger places on order, as bees live in heavily organized societies, and the formation adds another element of coordination. They gore in sinister looks like a trail behind the bees, and together they are meant to evoke the image of military planes putting on a display with coloured smoke trailing behind them, in order to show that the armiger considers nationalism to be a virtue, and such displays of force are a common way of bolstering nationalistic sentiment. The arm clad in golden armour also references such shows of force, as well as the defensive nature of the ideology. The mace it is holding is a symbol of authority and order, as well as law.

Nº 13

Maker: CTC#9001
Blazon: Per fess gored Sable and Or, in chief a horse head Argent crowned of the Second, in base a demi-tower of the First, both issuant from fess. For a crest, a black eagle Proper overt its dexter talon resting on a shield Argent charged with a gore per bend Sable and Or.
Symbolism: The arms are primarily a cant, representing a noble ruler bathed in the pure baptismal waters. The arms also visually allude to a Knight chess piece, abstracting the bearer's love of historical games. The crest comes from their home country. The shield this eagle holds depicts the bearer reflecting back through the pages of history all while reinforcing their passion for heraldry.

Nº 14

Maker: Duvkav
Blazon: Or, a gore, gore sinister and a sword pointed baseways, all Azure. For a crest, A pale argent. For a motto, Elegance in simplicity.
Symbolism: Overall, these arms are intended to evoke the armiger’s ideals, namely; Truth, commitment and temperance. The combination of the gores and sword evokes temperance by literally representing the process of tempering a sword by a Smith. It seems the sword is rising from between the gores as a blade is lifted from a quenching tank, as part of tempering the steel. The sword had further connotations as commitment as it evokes a knight’s “commitment” to their liege. Truth is represented by the sword as, it evokes the idea of swearing oaths upon objects, and thus being true to those oaths. There is also evokes the process of being stripped of knighthood, where the dishonoured knight would have their sword broken over there head, so as the sword is whole, the armiger is committed to these ideals. The armiger’s interests of polymathy and visual art are represented by taking advantage of the negative space and the gores. The gores evoke the curling of paper, and through the use of both gore and gore sinister, evoke the process of repetition as part of learning. Looking further at the negative space, it creates the illusion of a paintbrush or a fountain pen. The crest evokes binary boolean truth, where 1 = true and 0 = false, and also represents breadth of interests as part of polymathy. The motto is an reference to a quote by Leonardo da Vinci; “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Da Vinci is probably the most famous example of a polymath.

Nº 15

Maker: Duvkav
Blazon: Vert, a gore sinister Or, in dexter a cross of four dexter hands couped of the second. For a crest, a sheaf of arrows Or. For a motto, Docendo discimus. Latin: “By teaching, we learn.”
Symbolism: The cross of hands represents the armiger’s values of truth, justice, industry and honesty all of which can relate to hands in one way or another. From the swift hand of Justice, to the oaths taken to uphold the truth in court. A common example of being industrious is working with ones hands, commonly depicted as industry through strife and suffering. Finally we come to the correlation between hands and honesty. There is a lot you can tell about a person by the state of there hands, and what they are doing... as such... typically hands will fidget and twitch when someone is either not being entirely honest, at least such is the common interpretation. Together, the 4 hands point to the cardinal directions of a compass rose, representing the armiger’s interest in travel. The gore symbolises both the curling and turning of a page or scroll, representing the armiger’s interest in education, and evokes a gust of wind, representing the armiger’s interest in kite flying. The crest; The sheaf of arrows is a reference to the seal of the armiger’s home state, and further represents industry, as a sheaf of arrows is a symbol sometimes used to represent Trades and craftsmen. The motto is a quote from the letters of Seneca the Younger and is a Latin proverb; Docendo discimus translating to “Through teaching we learn”, an axiom that holds true to this day. The motto quite blatantly infer the armiger’s interest in education, and it is fitting for it to have been taken from writings by a Author of Classical Antiquity, as an education in Classical Studies is regarded to be one of the main cornerstones of well rounded education.

Nº 16

Maker: fritzorino#3670
Blazon: Sable, a griffin sergreant Or armed Gules wearing a helm Proper bearing in its dexter arm a mallet Or and in its sinister arm a bezant in dexter a gore Or.
Symbolism: The mandatory gore symbolises the lifelong learning, piercing the darkness of ignorance with the golden light of knowledge, being one of the recipient's ideals. The griffin being part eagle and part lion symbolises a certain mythological birdlike being associated with the recipient's homeland as well as the lion found as principle charges on both of the recipient's other locations. The helm is a representation of heraldry and an interest of the recipient and the mallet and bezant of 2 percussion instrument related hobbies of his.

Nº 17

Maker: giacomo24#2347
Blazon: Purple, an owl rampant Argent on top and a crescent moon below, at dexter a gore Argent.
Symbolism: An owl hunting the during twilight, for the Italian writer Ludovico Ariosto the moon was the place where all the things that are lost are located and the owl is an allegory of the artist staying up at night trying to remember an idea that struck his mind but then got lost.

Nº 18

Maker: AmazingHoffman#1299
Blazon: Sable, a monk clasping his hands in prayer or walking on a tiled floor of the same, within a bordure double tressure of the same, a gore of the same charged with a latin cross Sable, on a belt Sable fimbriated Or, charged with a double tressure flory-counter-flory Or.
Symbolism: Monk and cross: theology, tiled floor: architecture. Double bordure: Scottish heritage. Belt: monarchism (also a nod to boxing). Flory-counter-flory: Scottish monarhcy. Gore charged with cross: opening the Bible, study of theology. Or: referring to the recipient's reddit name.

Nº 19

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Vert, a wolf rampant Argent, holding three tulips Azure stemmed Or. On a gore Argent, a saltire Azure. For a crest, a demi-wolf rampant Argent holding three oversized tulips Vert stemmed Or.
Symbolism: The shade of green used is one of the recipient's favorite colors, while the wolf is one of the recipient's favorite animals .The tulips represent the recipient's current home, while the gore with its saltire represent their love of Scotland, and a potential future there. In the crest, the central charge is repeated, with an added canting element as the tulips become giant.

Nº 20

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Gules, between a gore Argent and a gore sinister Or, a pall Argent. For a crest, a demi-beaver rampant Argent tailed Or holding a guitar Gules.
Symbolism: The two gores create a sense of peaceful balance. They are different colors to connote the love between two different people, with the Or on the left, much like the recipient. Together, they imply the top of a pillar, which represents the recipient's love of architecture. The pall in the middle stands for unity, two lines coming together as one, as while as a peace sign, albeit inverted. In the crest, the beaver represents the recipient's passions and interests, a creature that works with its community to build its home, while the guitar represents their musical tendencies.

Nº 21

Maker: kas_vain#3506
Blazon: Azure, a gore Argent surmounted by a sun Counterchanged.
Symbolism: The sun symbolizes the world, everyone living under the same sun together. The gore, penetrating to the center of the sun, symbolizes knowledge, research and curiosity. The tinctures were chosen for their peaceful nature.

Nº 22

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Per fess enarched Argent and Vert, two gores countercharged and in chief a parrot’s head erased Vert armed Gules. For a crest, a parrot perched Vert armed Gules holding in its beak a square voided Argent.
Symbolism: The armiger is interested in mathematics and linguistics and values truth. The design on the shield refers to the T-shaped symbol of tautology representing universal truth; the form, however, is arched to symbolize the distortion of truth and logics when applied in the real life. The parrot, an intelligent bird capable of learning to speak, is a symbol of linguistics and learning new things; the circle voided is a common symbol for end of proof, another reference to mathematics and symbolizes also the armiger’s interest in trying to make other people also learn new things. Argent is a refence to the ideal of truth, and Vert is a favourite colour of the armiger.

Nº 23

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Vert sémy of mullets of six Argent, a gore Argent and a ginkgo leaf Or. For a crest, a dromaeosaur statant Vert armed and plumed on its tail Argent, langued Gules and brandishing a longsword Or.
Symbolism: The arms are canting. The armiger’s first name means ‘pure’, second name ‘silk’ and surname ‘life’; the argent colour of the gore represents purity, the shape of gore represents silk fabric and the stars (mullets of six as is customary in their country of residence) the characteristic shine of silk. The green field represents life, as does the and the golden ginkgo leaf as trees are a common symbol of life, and ginkgo trees are living fossils, one of the most ancient extant trees. The starfield also symbolises how the elements required for life have been created in the furnace of stars. The crest refers to the armiger’s interests and hobby. Furthermore, the distinctively tinctured tail feathers of the dromaeosaur symbolize hairs on a painter’s brush, a reference to the armiger’s artistic skills.

Nº 24

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Gules, a gore sinister Argent, overall a roundel encircled by an annulet countercharged. For a crest, a crescent per pale Gules and Argent charged with a goutte Argent and flames Gules.
Symbolism: The armiger prefers simplistic design, so the arms are thus designed to depict visually a core, which is canting; The roundel and the annulet symbolize a planet or an atom (as the armiger is also interested in space and nature), the gore pointing to its core. The crest implies the armiger being second-born and is a reference to their home state. The goutte and flames refer to their interest in fire and water, and with the per pale division to the idea of balance, which the armiger values. The tinctures are two of their favourite colours.

Nº 25

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Or, three spears conjoined in pall between two gores and a pile enarched point in fess point all Azure. For a crest, an oak tree eradicated Or.
Symbolism: The armiger is interested in polymathy, and thus the arms depict spears (attributes on Athena, a Greek goddess of wisdom) spreading out to different fields of knowledge (yet not being unbalanced). The Or among the Azure symbolises the knowledge gained by this. The large Azure colour fields symbolize temperance, another ideal of the armiger. Oak tree is an ancient symbol of wisdom, and being long-living and firm it also symbolises tranquillity.

Nº 26

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Sable, issuant from the point of a gore a snowdrop both Or, the petals of the flower Argent. For a crest, a snowdrop Or petals Argent.
Symbolism: The armiger values patience but also getting things done quickly, hence the snowdrop which is one of the first flowers found in their home area, waiting patiently over the winter and blossoming as soon as there’s sufficiently light and warmth. The angle caused by the core implies the speed and efficiency of the action. Tinctures are armiger’s favourite colours plus Argent for better contrast for the petals. The arms are drawn in 16th century German style, a time period in which the armiger is particularly interested.

Nº 27

Maker: Llwty#3180
Blazon: Sable, a Griffin Or, a Gore Gules fimbrated Argent, A Chief Erminois.
Symbolism: The Sable Gules and Or represent Germany, the contry where they reside. The Chief is because they said that they like Ordinaries with complex elements. the Griffin is because they think Griffins are cool.

Nº 28

Maker: HexKätz#7399
Blazon: Argent, a gore and in sinister chief a gore both Purpure semi of ermine spots Argent, a turtle Purpure, in dexter chief a gem Purpure.
Symbolism: The turtle is symbolizing life here due to their longevity, which is referencing the bearers last name which means "life". It also references the bearers love for fantasy and worldbuilding of which Terry Prattchet's Disc World Series is a prime example, which the arms bearer is a fan of. The disc world floats on the back of a giant turtle through space. The gem symbolizes the first name of the bearer which means "pure". It also depicts the preciousness of the bearer for the people in their life. The ermine spots in the two gores and the purpure tincture are an aesthetic preference of the bearer, the purpure can be read as an expression of the stunning feminine beauty of the arms bearer . The two gores opposing each other are meant to create a balanced composition which reflects the arms bearers strong belief in the equality of all people.

Nº 29

Maker: HexKätz#7399
Blazon: Azure, on a gore Or a feather Azure, a sheperd carrying on their back a sheep, all Or.
Symbolism: The sheperd is a classic archetype of a defender (of their herd). The surname of the arms bearer includes the word hero which means defender in its origin which is here represented as the sheperd carrying the sheep they protect. Justice is also a high ideal of the bearer which is also reflected in the sheperd protecting the weak, their sheep, from harm. The arms bearer is also connected to Ireland which is also known for their sheep. In the gore, which resembles the turning of a page, a writing quill represents the passion of the bearer for languages, writing and history which are all connected to the written word.

Nº 30

Maker: moman🌞🐝🏠#1639
Blazon: Or, a goat's head erased proper donning a top hat, monocle, and moustache, in dexter chief as gear of twelve teeth all sable, and issuant from chief a gore Gules.
Symbolism: The recipient loves goats, steampunk, and Scotland, so I made a steampunk goat for them and used the colors of Scotland's royal standard (as the recipient's current arms already have the colors of St. Andrew's Cross). The gore in chief is meant to evoke the wings of a bird, relating to the recipient's desire to travel to and their particular interest in Scotland.

Nº 31

Maker: momojohn#9882
Blazon: Azure, issuant from a gore a bend sinister, the end formed into an ionian column, between two demi-lions rampant reguardant, all Argent. For a crest, between two Springbok's horns barry of 4 Azure and Argent, a demi-talbot rampant reguardant Argent, armed, langued, and eared Azure, grasping a pennant flowing to sinister Azure, the hoist Argent and charged with a pall sideways Azure.
Symbolism: The tinctures azure and argent represent the armiger's faithful and peaceful nature, as well as reflecting the armiger's origin in Bavaria, and furthermore harkening the common architectural "blueprint". Another architectural theme is the bend, which has been modified to resemble an ionian pillar, ionian being one of the orders of classical architecture. The two demi-lions reflect his two halves based in different parts of the world, and symbolize the armiger's life in South Africa as the lion is native to his country, as well as symbolizing courage and loyalty. Finally, the lions are reguardant to reflect an interest in history, as they look behind towards the past rather than ahead. The tinctures follow the symbolism of the colors laid down by the escutcheon. The two springbok horns reflect the armiger's life in South Africa, and the demi-talbot represents the armiger's unmatched loyalty and fortitude. The talbot is reguardant to reflect the same symbolism as laid down in the arms, and the pennant that the talbot grasps reflects the armiger's interest in vexillology as well as his pride and nationalism for his country as evoked by the pall.

Nº 32

Maker: Münchner#8888
Blazon: Azure, a velociraptor Or climbing a rock face Or, a gore sinister inverted Or. For a crest, a balance Or.
Symbolism: The escutcheon is azure because Blue is one of the recipient's favourite colours. The Velociraptor is present because of the recipient's interest in archaeology, the beast is climbing a rock face to indicate the recipient's hobby of hiking. The crest, a balance is to represent fairness, one of the recipients ideals.

Nº 33

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Sable, a gore Argent, a pitchfork in bend sinister of the same.
Symbolism: Combining the dutch meaning of this persons name as a cant, meaning "farmer" I used a pitchfork lifting up the darkness to uncover the new, and free.

Nº 34

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Sable, a d20 Argent above a gore and a gore sinister of the same.
Symbolism: I have attempted to combine this person's hobbies in a simple and geometric design.

Nº 35

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Sable, a fess serpentine argent, in base a mullet per gore Or and Argent.
Symbolism: This person has said to like simple arms, so I tried to put as many symbolism in geometry as I could. the fess waves like a flag, one could say, or meanders in harmony. if you are going for the flag symbolism, it's white. a white flag is the international signal for peace. it can also represent the milkyway through the night sky, reflecting this persons interest in astrophysics. the mullet accentuates this once more.

Nº 36

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Argent, a hand issuant from the sea, all proper, issuant from chief a gore Purpure.
Symbolism: Taking the meaning of this persons username, a hand reaching from the depths. they like complex arms, so I played with proper. the hand reaches for the gore in this person's favourite colour, which happens to be a colour representing wealth, as if reaching for far flung ideals.

Nº 37

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Sable, a gore or with a semy or roundels Gules, a snake coiled erect Or.
Symbolism: The roundels represent blood, as seen through a microscope, reflecting this persons interest in medicine. as blood it also reflects loyalty and responsibility, being bound by blood. the serpent is one of the classical animals representing healthcare, using its "gift" of venom to make medication, among other things that include ancient myths. it highlights a love for animals, and nods at this persons nordic heritage.

Nº 38

Maker: Ordana
Blazon: Or, a gore, a gore sinister, a pile enarched meeting a mullet of six, all Azure. For a crest, a demi-dragon Azure armed and langued Gules.

Nº 39

Maker: InflatedYeast#4538
Blazon: Vert, a gore Or, and overall a boar statant counterchanged, his foreparts skeletal.
Symbolism: So the recipient's name is close to Boar and since this is a gore thing like there is a layer being peeled away revealing whas underneath and the cycle of nature.

Nº 40

Maker: TMG#2767
Blazon: Sable, a gore sinister inverted Or, issuant thereinto a sword bendwise sinister Proper.
Symbolism: The sword references the recipient's most commonly used name being first borne by a female warrior in the Aeneid. Its blade appearing partially hidden away behind the gore represents the recipient's ideal of temperance. The Sable of the field references another name belonging to the recipient meaning "shadow".

Nº 41

Maker: Will#3055
Blazon: Argent, on a pale between two gores Sable, an increscent and a cross within an annulet, both Or; and overall a balance issuing from chief of the same.
Symbolism: Black and gold are the colours of this recipient's province and homeland. The crescent and earth-cross reflect their interest in spirituality, standing respectively for the heavenly and the earthly; as well as their interest in the cosmos. The balance issuing from chief reflects their commitment to the value of justice.

Nº 42

Maker: Zeitver
Blazon: None given.
Symbolism: None given.