Michael Aaron Owens

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Michael Aaron Owens
Coat of arms of Michael Aaron Owens
Emblazoned by Gecktron
Assumed29 October 2017
Country of OriginUnited States
TraditionAmerican heraldry
External LinksPersonal Armorial Website
Aliases moman🌞🐝🏠#0117

Michael Aaron Owens
Azure, a chevron burst Argent between in chief three bees in fess proper and in base a beehive Or. From the crest, The Sun in His Splendor Or. For a motto, "Organize Yourselves"

Azure, a chevron burst Argent between in chief three bees in fess proper and in base a beehive Or.
The Sun in His Splendor Or.
"Organize Yourselves"
"Break Through!"

Symbolism[edit | edit source]

The components of the blazon relate to the armiger's faith, home, family, efficient industry, and working together in an organized way to build up his home. The chevron represents him as a builder (of minds) who has accomplished work of faithful service (terminal degree and lifelong work in education). The chevron as an architectural element refers to establishing or building a house. As a burst (or broken) chevron, it also serves as a reminder to be humble--the armiger is a work in progress (broken heart and contrite spirit, C. S. Lewis quotation “Imagine yourself as a living house”). The chevron also is visually reminiscent of an open book (learning), a bridge (a metaphor for mediating between extremes in the armiger's field and in life), and mountains (where his family and he live). The burst chevron and the beehive also subtly form the letters of the armiger's monogram (MAO-a visual cant). The three bees represent the armiger's three children, three university degrees, and three work places. The overall colors, in addition to representing the values listed above, represent at least one color from each of the universities where the armiger has worked.

Further information may be found at the armiger's personal armorial website.

Badge[edit | edit source]

Badge of Michael Owens
Badge of Michael Aaron Owens
Emblazoned by Moman

Blazon : On a hurt fimbriated Argent en soleil a hive Or and three bees proper in chief.

Registration[edit | edit source]

Registered with The International Association of Amateur Heralds, the International Society of Commoners Heraldry, Heraldry of the World, and the Society of American Armigers.