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Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian heraldry in the heraldic tradition originating from Poland later spread to all territories under the control of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and to the lands in its immediate neighbourhood as well as by their diaspora.
Some of the oldest examples of heraldry, including arms borne by the most prominent historical personalities in Poland, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, existed within the framework of the Polish heraldic tradition. Nobles in the historical principality of Moldavia, covering parts of the present-day Romania and Moldova, also often bore arms originating from this tradition. Heraldry in Muscovy originated from Polish heraldic practices, but eventually evolved into a separate jurisdiction and a distinct Russian tradition.

Coat of arms of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569–1795)
Coat of arms of Ukraine


Arms from this tradition are commonly depicted on either half-round Iberian shields or on more ornate but still rather simple "Polish" baroque shapes. Common charges include various mixed geometric shapes (often inspired by pre-heraldic symbols of the region such as Tamgas), arrows and other weapons, celestial bodies. Common types of crests include ostrich and peacock feathers and wings, either plain or with additional charges. Repetition of charges from the shield in the crest is, too, fairly wide spread. Due to a lack of regulation and precedent, it is not unclear how a proper achievement assumed by a citizen should look like. Indeed, mon-noble heraldry was non-existent in this tradition, resulting in a lack of a ranked helm system. The arms borne by an untitled nobleman would have had a shield and a crest upon a crowned iron helm with golden bars and a golden necklace Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian heraldry does not have a system of cadency, all male descendent of the armiger inherit his arms equally. Every unique Polish noble achievement has a name, with their "alterations" having the same name with a number added.



Lithuania has no governmental body regulating heraldry
Belarus has no governmental body regulating heraldry
Ukraine has no governmental body regulating heraldry

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