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Portuguese Heraldry and Spanish Heraldry are the two traditions that compose the Iberian Tradition, sharing key aspects and elements throughout history. Arms, other heraldic bearings and insignia used in the Portugal and Spain as in their colonial empires and historical territories.

Coat of arms of the Republic of Portugal
Coat of Arms of the Kingdom of Spain


The main feature of this tradition is the use of the Iberian Shield (squared top and rounded bottom, also called "Peninsular", "Spanish" or "Portuguese") which appearance and use was most prevalent in Iberia.
Crests and helmets worn atop the shield are also common in Spain and Portugal. The use of a belt to attach the shield to the helm is also prominent in both countries.
Portuguese Heraldry is known for it's versatility in inheritance, armigers being able to equally inherit from the paternal and maternal line.
Both tradition have a system of cadency, but whereas the Spanish one is barely used, the Portuguese one strictly applied. The use of ordinaries like bordures and orles' are a common trait. Words or letters as well as quartering as marshalling of arms are extremely used by both systems.