Season 1 - The Beginning

Heraldry Harry
Heraldry Harry

HH1: The Beginning

This was the first season of Heraldry Harry, at this point Twists hadn't been implemented yet. Resulting in alternative arms for the recipients based solely on their form answers. The event began in January of 2018.


Arms Maker Blazon
enrico coochie#9095 Argent, between two cups Gules, a bend Azure charges with a lion passant Or, armed and langued Gules.


Nr. Arms Maker Blazon
1 Alexander#6201 Vert, a chevron Azure fimbriated Argent, in chief two griffins combatant Argent, beaked and armed Azure, a base wavy Argent charged with two fesses wavy Azure.
2 Capitalism#1601 Or, a lion rampant Gules armed Azure, crowned Sable and holding in its dexter paw a hammer Sable.
3 CTC#9001 Per fess Gules and Azure, a pile throughout Argent, overall a fess Or gably.
4 Drostan#2744 Gules, a crown Argent detailed Or turned to dexter, a wing Argent, overall a bend of triangles Argent.
5 Judah#1924 Per fess Azure and Gules, in chief a key Or, in base a door issuant from base Argent between a Fleur-de-lys and a flower Or, over the line of division a fess Argent.
6 Big_belly_lemon#8602 Or, a barrel proper, a chief checky Azure and Argent.
7 André#9668 Per fess embattled Vert and Gules masoned Sable, issuant from the line of division a cubit arm, habited Sable holding a bone Argent.
8 Will#3055 Gules an oak on a mount all argent, a bordure Argent charges with nine billets.