Heraldry Harry

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The Heraldic Harry
The Heraldic Harry

Welcome to Heraldry Harry!

To All and Singular to whom these presents shall come, we of The Heraldry Community send greetings!
Heraldry Harry is a game played during the odd-numbered months based on the concept of a Secret Santa. Participants fill out an information sheet with some personal details, what they care about in life, what they prefer aesthetically in heraldry etc... Whatever they feel comfortable with sharing that might aid in the design of a coat of arms. Then, Harry and the Hendersons shuffle all those sheets and re-assign them to the participants in secret. There's a bit of time for everyone to come up with a design for the person they were assigned. Then these designs are posted in the subreddit r/HeraldryHarry and people try to guess who made what for whom and vote for their favourite.

Base Rules:

  • Each entry must include a shield, but can also include helm/crest/mantling/supporters/other fun things.
  • Each entry cannot use any charges found on the recipient's actual arms. If their arms are Sable, a comet Or, a comet cannot be used.
  • Each entry cannot use the same tincture set of the recipients arms. If their arms are Sable, a comet Or, sable and or cannot be used, but sets like Sable/Argent, Gules/Or, Sable/Or/Gules can be used.
  • Each entry must include the twist respective of each season.
  • Recipients must remain anonymous and secret until the end. Any question should be addressed to Harry or the Hendersons.
  • Should a participant finish earlier than the deadline and wishes to do another Harry, can contact Harry or any Henderson about it.

Harry Court


* Season 1 - The Beginning * Season 2 - The Sequel * Season 3 - The Third * Season 4 - Two Colours
* Season 5 - Red Sox RWB * Season 6 - Star * Season 7 - Gore * Season 8 - Non-traditional Tinctures
* Season 9 - Three in Chief * Season 10 - Mix and Match * Season 11 - Badge * Season 12 - Green Shield
* Season 12.5 - Crown * Season 13 - Self-Harry * Season 14 - Drawshield * Season 15 - Semy/Strewn
* Season 16 - Four Tinctures