Season 5 - Red Sox RWB

Heraldry Harry
Heraldry Harry

HH5: Red Sox RWB

This season happened in November of 2018 and for the twist, participants could only use three tinctures for their entry, namely Gules, Argent and Azure.


Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Argent semy of flames gules and fretty azure. For a crest, a griffin with the upper body of a crow and the lower body of a cat azure beaked gules.
Symbolism: The fretty on the shield represents the belief of the armiger in the interconnectedness of everything. The flames in between represent their affinity to the element, as well as their valuing family, because fire and the hearth often serve as symbols of family and the home. They also represent the armigers artistic passion. The crest, a fusion between a crow and a cat, shows two of the bearers favourite animals, and the crow half is a cant on their name.


Nº 1

Maker: André#9668
Blazon: Gules, a fess embowed Argent pily Azure between two mullets of five in chief and a mullet of six in base both Argent. For a crest, issuing from flames Gules a demi-Iustitia Argent holding a sword in her dexter hand, scales in her sinister hand and wearing a blindfold all Azure.
Symbolism: The fess embowed pily is meant to look like a crown, symbolising both the armigers monarchism and his ideal of power, while also canting his name. Stylisticly it also resembles an architectural feature of his favourite building. The mullets represent his geographic location: two places in the US represented by mullets of 5 and one in Israel represented by a mullet of 6 - also a nod to the armigers religious beliefs and origins. The "american" stars are separated from the "israeli" one by the fess, further symbolising the distance between them. The whole escutcheon design, made out of just ordinaries, field variations and mullets is meant to also hint at the armigers conservatism. On the crest, the fire points to the popular image of scouts sitting round the campfire, and can also be seen as a symbol of truth and purity, out of which Lady Justice comes out of, symbolising the armiger's passion for justice and equality.

Nº 2

Maker: Azul
Blazon: Azure, a cat rampant guardant argent langued and armed gules wearing a Phrygian cap of the same, a bordure of the second charged with six chains of three pieces of the third.
Symbolism: A cat symbolizes the desire for liberation and love to animals, as well as armiger's casual and cozy hobbies. A bordure is a common element within heraldry of the armiger's general region, with pieces of chain adding to the freedom cat symbolism, standing for liberation.

Nº 3

Maker: boermac#7798
Blazon: Azure, in base a rat Gules impaled by a sword sinister bendwise Azure.
Symbolism: The recipient is an former soldier, this is represented by the sword. The recipient values, among other things, justice. Rats are traditionally seen as bad or evil, thus the sword is impaling the rat. The recipient is also a fan of dogs and this is symbolized by the CoA appearing as a tag worn on a dog collar. There is double meaning here in that the recipient currently owns a rat terrier dog. This breed was named this in part because of success in ridding the White House of a rat infestation, thus the dog is a kill of rats.

Nº 4

Maker: boermac#7798
Blazon: Argent, a bordure Azure, issuant from base a tree Azure, in chief a California poppy, a sego lily, and an apple blossom in fess, allGules. For a crest, a Rufous Hornero overt, Azure, hold an apple Gules in its beak.
Symbolism: The recipient values human growth and potential, this is symbolized by the growing tree as a main charge. In chief is a flower from each of the united states where the recipient has resided. The crest is the national bird of Argentina, were the recipient has also lived. The bird is holding in its beak an apple, a traditional symbol of teaching, which is also a value of the recipient.

Nº 5

Maker: boermac#7798
Blazon: Argent, a paint brush Azure and a hammer Gules in saltire. For a crest a rubber duck Azure.
Symbolism: Recipient major hobby right now is building sets for plays. This achievement recognizes (some) of the tools used to build sets and uses the commons theatre masks as helms. Theatre curtains make up the mantling. Rubber ducks are a favorite collectable of the recipient.

Nº 6

Maker: boermac#7798
Blazon: Argent, a hyena statant Gules, spotted Azure, in sinister chief the planet Mars Gules.
Symbolism: Recipient is interested in martial arts with a focus on women. Hyena clans are lead by the females, who are bigger and stronger than the males in the group, therefore I thought a hyena would be fitting. The planet Mars was named for the god war, which fits with the the recipients martial interests. The whole motif is Greek, which along with the symbolism of the god of war, fits with another interest of the recipient: mythology.

Nº 7

Maker: camila#6873
Blazon: Gules, three tree branches Argent leaved Argent and fructed Azure. For a crest, a cubit arm in benediction armed and in a gauntlet Azure garnished Argent. For supporters, On a mount Gules two silver birch trees blasted Argent. For a motto, "Sacra Natura"
Symbolism: Three tree branches for the Holy Trinity, blue berries and forest motif for canting, the supporters are national symbols of the recipent's nation.

Nº 8

Maker: CTC#2769
Blazon: Azure a manatee Argent, on a chief Argent a bridge throughout issuant from base Gules. For a crest, a demi-manatee Argent holding an oak sprig Azure bearing acorns Gules.
Symbolism: The field represents the deep waters of the recipient's coastal home and the manatee represents their love of animals and nature. The chief acts as both a cant and includes their love of architecture. The crest replicates these symbols while also representing growth and compassion.

Nº 9

Maker: Duvkav
Blazon: Per bend sinister Gules and Azure, a bend sinister, upper edge rayonny, lower edge nebuly Argent. For a crest, two swords in saltire baseways. For a motto, Vivere est Amare (Latin: To Live is to Love).
Symbolism: Nebuly and rayonny (two meanings) simulating brush-strokes representing bearer's interest in art, also simulating a line of quavers (albeit malformed) approaching crescendo (bend sinister) representing the bearer's interest in music. Swords in saltire baseways shows interest in fencing, pointed baseways to display the bearer's pacifist views. Motto is relatively self explanatory, displaying bearer's views.

Nº 10

Maker: HexKätz#7399
Blazon: Per pale, first Azure a sea-dog Argent, second Argent a sea-dog Gules facing sinister. For a crest, a sea-dog Gules facing sinister.
Symbolism: The sea-dog is both a representation of the bearers geographical location and ideals, for the dog part symbolizes his ideals of truth and loyalty and it being a sea-dog representing his homeland Schleswig-Holstein and his city Kiel - Schleswig Holstein being situated between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to the West and East, thus the Sea-Dogs facing both ways, the crest highlighting Kiels position at the Baltic.

Nº 11

Maker: hospitallers#9147
Blazon: Gules, in chief three Delfs Argent, a Delf Azure bendwise fimbriated and charged with a Baton sinister of the second. For a crest, issuing from a torse of the field, mantled per pale Gules and Azure doubled Argent, a hand sinister-bendwise holding a Baton bendwise Argent flying a Banderole Azure charged with a weaver's hitch Argent waving to Sinister.
Symbolism: Colors were limited to Argent, Gules and Azure. Armiger has deep interests in both vexillology and the history of British Televion, as well as computer programming. The Gules field and the three Delfs in chief represent the BBC logo, the Coding symbol (</>) is represented by the rotated Delf charged with the baton. Finally his interest in Vexillology is represented by the hand waving the flag of the International Federation of Vexillological Associations.

Nº 12

Maker: Tianxian#8504
Blazon: Argent, within a bordure Gules a st. peter's fish Azure.
Symbolism: The St. Peter's fish represents nature, the recipient's interest in animals and faith since its a popular christian symbol.

Nº 13

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Gules, within a tressure Argent a lozenge Argent charged with five musical notes Azure. For a crest, a bird rising Azure langued Argent.
Symbolism: The tressure, its royal fleur-de-lys removed, refers to the recipient's belief in liberation and equality. Within, a lozenge represents the recipient's daughter, charged with five musical notes to refer to the recipient's love of the art form as well as a veiled reference in layout to the recipient's nation. The crest, a bird about to take off, represents the recipient's belief in liberation, both human and animal.

Nº 14

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Paly Azure and Argent, three fleur-de-lys Gules. For a crest, a goblet Argent bearing a flame Gules.
Symbolism: The paly is a veiled allusion to the recipient's African hometown through the crest of the local soccer club (albeit in the wrong colors), while the Fleur-de-lys represent the recipient's current home. Together, the symmetry points toward the recipient's desire for equality and the elimination of poverty. The crest, a goblet full of flame, represents knowledge and scientific research.

Nº 15

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Azure, a tree Argent issuant from base. On a chief embattled Argent, three crosses Patoncé Gules. For a crest, a moon in splendor Argent wearing a torse Gules and Azure.
Symbolism: The tree represents the recipient's love of the environment and Scouting. On an embattled chief, representing family and the home, three crosses represent the recipient's Christian faith as well as the recipient's three first names. The crest represents the importance the recipient places on motherhood (the moon traditionally representing the mother to the Sun's father), as well as another reference to Scouting in the bandana/torse.

Nº 16

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Gules, a dove Argent holding an olive branch Azure and Argent perched atop two hands Argent sleeved Azure joined together in chevron. Below, a cross calvary issuant from base. For a crest, a Tiki head Azure.
Symbolism: The arms are inspired by the former arms of the recipient's birthplace, Gules, a Dove Argent holding an olive branch Proper. The hands upon which the dove perches are multifaceted, representing compassion and medicine(a helping hand), community (hand in hand), and leadership and teaching (a guiding hand). Below, a cross cavalry represents the recipient's Catholicism and baseballing tendencies. The crest is an obvious reference to the recipient's Polynesian interests.

Nº 17

Maker: kas_vain#3506
Blazon: Per bend Argent and Azure, a lioness rampant bearing a sword and a kite shield Gules, and a rose bush Argent.
Symbolism: The lioness represents womanhood, and it's sword and shield chivalry and martial arts. The rose bush represents love and nature.

Nº 18

Maker: Lassie
Blazon: Gules, a book Azure open to display a dove rising Argent and a fleur-de-lys Argent.
Symbolism: None given.

Nº 19

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Quarterly Gules and Azure, an angel in armour, holding a cavalry sabre in dexter hand an in the sinister a headless snake, dripping blood from the wound, all Argent. For a crest, an European bison Gules armed Argent holding two drumsticks Azure and in front of him a drum Azure snared and hooped Argent.
Symbolism: Armiger is a Catholic and sees himself as militarist, hence the armoured angel slaying the snake of evil. The crest, European bison, as well as the sabre, a favoured weapon of Hussars, refer to Polish origin of Armiger's family, which the armiger cherishes. The crest also refers to armiger's interest in drumming. The motto, while a quotation of an old Polish motto, also refers both to the faith and the monarchistic worldview of the armiger.

Nº 20

Maker: Llwty#3180
Blazon: Gules, a Globe Argent, On a chief enarched azure Fimbriated the second three mullets of the second.
Symbolism: None given.

Nº 21

Maker: Matteo679#7980
Blazon: Gyronny of ten azure and argent fretty azure, on the azure gyrons five crescents of the second in an orle, points facing outwards, on an inescutcheon gules a tower of the second.
Symbolism: The recipient is a fascinating, generous and talented members of the Discord community and these arms seek to pay tribute to the recipient's diverse interests whilst creating a visually arresting, memorable and ultimately timeless achievement of arms as befits the owner.

The gyronny division was selected to evoke an energy to the overall achievement, as though emanating or pulsating with “life”, coincidentally the meaning of the recipient's surname. Crescents are symbolic of Turkey, but also significant for the three crescents in the arms of the recipient’s partner. The fretty is reminiscent of the grille on the helmet used in HEMA longsword fencing, one of the recipient's passions. On the gules inescutcheon is a masoned Medieval tower, symbolic of the recipient's love of history, worldbuilding, and fantasy.

Nº 22

Maker: Matteo679#7980
Blazon: Per chevron Azure semé of fleurs de lys’ and saltorels Argent, a chevron of the same and in base Gules a cross potent of the second.
Symbolism: Having shared his many fridge tests and progress shots on discord the armiger gave me lots to work with. The livery colours are wildly appropriate, reminiscent of the tricolor of his native France and in orientation with respect to the escutcheon, similar to those of his hometown Paris.
The semy de lys harkens to the chief of the arms of Paris but here is not in the Capetian or but in argent, and the fleurs de lys are interspersed with saltorels. The semy effect recalls binary code, as the armiger shares an interest in computer programming. The addition of the saltorels modernises the ancient pattern, invokes the armigers interest in finance and the mathematics involved therein by looking like the multiplication sign, and as a visual pun looks formulaic as though multiplying the fleurs de lys thus amplifying their historical significance.
This heraldist believes the chevron’s upward pointing motif, (where poetically and symbolically co convenient) to represent upward mobility, aspirations to freedom and the argent is a classic symbol of purity and peace in many Western traditions. The cross potent has no particular symbolism bar that the armiger had trialled it in previous renditions of their arms.

Nº 23

Maker: moman🌞🐝🏠#1639
Blazon: Per pale Azure and Gules, in pale a hanging balance and the moon in her plenitude Argent. For a crest, a demi-wildcat rampant Gules.
Symbolism: The arms use Boston's official colors. These arms reflect the armiger's love of reading and games (the per pale folds out like the cover of an open book and is divided in half to symbolize opposite teams on a field), the azure on the right side of the field reflects the color of the armiger's favorite baseball team . The balance reflects the armiger's value of fairness, and the moon reflects the armiger's value of applied knowledge (wisdom) and maturity. It also looks like a baseball, which is of course the theme for this HH contest.

Nº 24

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Azure, a bear erect affronty Argent armed and langued Gules holding a book Gules. For a crest, a branch of blueberries Azure. For a motto, The World is my Home.

Nº 25

Maker: Ordana
Blazon: Per pale bendy Argent and Gules, bendy sinister Azure and Argent.
Symbolism: The recipient said they liked simple geometry, so I did my best.

Nº 26

Maker: Spriithy
Blazon: Per pale Azure and Gules, a saltire Argent between four thistles of the the same.
Symbolism: The argent saltire evokes the Scottish flag, the four thistles are emblematic of the Highlanders and Scottish heritage. The azure and gules field is to differentiate the whole arms from a possibly already existing one, since it's simple enough.

Nº 27

Maker: TMG#2767
Blazon: Per chevron abased Azure and Gules fimbriated Argent, in chief three piles inverted conjoined in middle chief Argent, in base an annulet Argent.
Symbolism: The division per chevron and the piles both visually evoke upwards motion representative of the recipient's ideals of human growth and improvement. The piles and the fimbriation form a kite shape hinting at the recipient's interest in that hobby. Furthermore, the three piles and the annulet also resemble the recipient's initials.

Nº 28

Maker: Fernländer#1175
Blazon: Argent, a fess counter-vair argent and Gules, in Chief two swords dexter and sinister Azure, in base a star Azure.
Symbolism: The swords symbolize fencing and the star symbolizes excellence.