Season 8 - Non-Traditional Tinctures

Heraldry Harry
Heraldry Harry

HH8: Non-Traditional Tinctures

This season happened in June of 2019 and for the twist, participants had to use at least one non-traditional tincture in their design. The list of non-traditional tinctures agreed upon was the following:
- Colors: Cendreé, Brunatre, Amaranth, Eisen-farbe, Carnation, Rose, Aquamarine, Ochre, Buff, Orange.
- Metals: Copper, Bronze, Oxidized copper (Verdigris).


Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Copper, between four gauntlets a cross raguly, all Eisenfarbe. For a crest, a demi-monk copper armoured Eisenfarbe holding a sword copper.
Symbolism: The overall design of the shield, a cross between four charges, has been in common use for centuries, and represents that the armiger values tradition in both heraldry and general. The cross represents the armigers faith, and is raguly, which is supposed to evoke the picture of a branch, to represent their love of the outdoors. The four gauntlets show that the armiger values discipline and honour. The primary colour is Eisenfarbe, meaning Iron-colour, as a canting on the armigers name. The crest shows a monk, referencing the armigers interest in theology, armoured and holding a sword, to represent the values of honour and discipline again. Overall the design is metallic and martial, visualizing the importance the armiger places on those values.


Nº 1

Maker: A.C Esq#5936
Blazon: Azure, a pale with ruler marks supported by collumns of the three canonical orders Or. for a crest issuant out of a torse Or and Azure, a cubit arm carnation holding two climbing pitons Eisenfarbe in saltire.
Symbolism: The armiger listed architecture, order, tradition, unity, and mountain climbing in the prompt. The three classical collumns are called orders and thus is a pun for that, moreover they are considered traditional collumns. Combining the three collumns marks unity. the ruler marks are a symbol of architecture and also a tool to make things orderly the crest shows climbing pitons, tools for mountain climbing and it is in saltire, the traditional symbol of architecture. the azure field is also a reference to blue prints, an architectural plan and a way to set things in order.

Nº 2

Maker: André#9668
Blazon: Argent, a dragon passant Rose armed and langued Azure. For a crest, a dragon claw Rose armed Azure holding an abacus Argent its beads Azure.
Symbolism: The dragon represents the armiger's interest in learning as they were seen as all powerful and intelligent beings, filled with ancient and powerful knowledge. The abacus represents their interest in maths and computers. The colours were chosen to go with how the armiger identifies and it also brings a retro/vaporware aesthetic I think they'd enjoy.

Nº 3

Maker: Azul
Blazon: Gyronny Argent and Orange, an orle embattled on its outer side Verdigris.
Symbolism: Orange refers to the armiger's country of origin being its national color, as well as to the country they are interested in, being a color of its iconic carbonated beverage. An orle is a representation of a rusty copper cog, referring to their interest in steampunk and clockmaking. Embattled orle together with bright colors symbolizes the armiger being a Toy Soldier through a combination of military and fun symbolism. The division is a representation of dynamicity, optimism and forward movement of their ideals and hobbies.

Nº 4

Maker: momojohn#9882
Blazon: Argent, on a quarter rose three thunderbolts fesswise Or winged of the first; for a crest, a mountain lion sejant guardant Or armed and langued Rose grasping in its dexter paw a thunderbolt Or.
Symbolism: The overall simplicity of the design is something that the armiger's tastes tended towards, however the use of the three thunderbolts and vibrant rose color helps to add flavor and balance out the simplicity. The layout itself is inspired by the arms of the Royal Society, a learned institution dedicated to a furthering of scientific knowledge, something the armiger is also keen on. The use of three thunderbolts as a charge also derives from their unique association with science; in fact, the ancient image of the winged bolt can be seen as a symbol of the power of electricity, computers, and technology as a whole. The mountain lion in the crest represents the armiger's home, as this is a fearsome predator which is found around them. The lion grasping the thunderbolt, while repeating the symbolism found in the escutcheon, represents the armiger wielding the knowledge and power of science to further their own learning and success.

Nº 5

Maker: momojohn#9882
Blazon: Aquamarine semy of roses argent, three ermines courant proper in pale. For a crest, a demi-ermine rampant reguardant proper.
Symbolism: The color chosen, aquamarine, is one that the armiger is fond of. The ermines courant upon the shield reflect the armiger's fun and compassionate nature, as well as functioning as a symbol of nature, which the armiger also appreciates. In addition to this, the tails of the ermines, which are tipped black, resemble the end of a paintbrush, further symbolizing the armiger's interest in art and drawing. The semy of argent roses alludes to the armiger's nationality, as well as being symbolic of nature and beauty. The arrangement of the three ermines in pale calls back to the many historical medieval arms which used this placement to fill the space of the shield neatly. The demi-ermine as a crest also recalls many historical armorials with crests that elegantly flow into the mantling, and in addition to reiterating the ermine symbolism from the escutcheon, the ermine's reguardant posture symbolizes looking behind into the past, as the armiger is also passionate about history.

Nº 6

Maker: boermac#7798
Blazon: Verdigris, an iguanodon sanguine and a wiehenvenator azure addorsed. For a crest a DaVinci helicopter or.
Symbolism: The color of the shield is done to fulfill the Harry requirement, but a diapering of hexagons point to the recipient's enjoyment of tabletop rpgs, which often use hexagonal maps. The dual dinosaurs contain a lot of meaning: Dinosaurs are an interest of the recipient, and use tinctures that the recipient listed as favorable. The species of dino reflect the recipient's past and current geolocations: An Iguanodon being recently discovered in one of the locations and the wiehenvenator being common in the other. The dinos are also chosen in particular because one is an herbivore and one is a carnivore... both types represented to show the recipients desire for equality in nearly all issues. Finally, the crest is dual purpose: On one hand it's obviously historical, history being an interest. On the other, the concept of the vehicle was very futuristic and fanciful at the time it was conceived, fantasy/sci-fi being another interest.

Nº 7

Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Bleu-Celeste, two elephants rampant addorsed issuant from the dexters trunk a knight holding a kenong, issuant from the sinisters trunk a Javanese warrior holding two drumsticks, all Bronze. For a crest, a bust of Julius Caesar Bronze, on two jets of water conjoined Bleu-Celeste issuant from two elephants trunks issuant from the sides of the bust bronze a twenty sided die Bronze.
Symbolism: The shield shows two elephants, representing the armigers amicability and loyalty, as well as their interest in drawing, as elephants have been observed being artistically inclined. They are spewing from their trunks a western knight and Javanese warrior, to show the armigers ties to both Britain and Java. Together they are playing a kenong, an instrument used in Indonesian Gamelan playing, one of the armigers interests. The bronze also refers to that, as many Gamelan instruments are made from bronze. The crest shows a bust of Julius Caesar, as a canting for the armigers last name. The busts ears are replaced with elephant trunks, repeating the symbolism of the elephants in the shields. They're supporting a twenty sided die, both to show the armigers hobby of Dungeons and Dragons as well as a reference to Caesars famous quote Alea iacta est.

Nº 8

Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Aquamarine semy of hearts argent, an enfield rampant argent. For a crest, a demi-enfield rampant aquamarine clawed, toothed and langued argent, holding in dexter claw a paintbrush argent and in sinister a shield argent fretty aquamarine.
Symbolism: The shield shows an Enfield, a mythical animal with the head of a fox, the talons of an eagle, the body of a greyhound and the hindquarters of a wolf. The amalgamation of woodland creatures represents the armigers love for nature and hiking. Each animal also represents something the armiger values: The foxes head stands for curiosity and exploration, the eagles talons for honour, the greyhounds body for loyalty and the wolves hindquarters for caring and helping, as wolves are highly social pack animals. The field is semy of hearts, again representing caring for those in need. The primary colour is aquamarine, a mix of blue and green, two of the armigers favourite colours, as well as colours closely related to nature. The crest shows the Enfield again, this time holding a paintbrush and a shield, representing the armigers interest in art and heraldry, with the fretty on the shield referencing the values of caring, honour and love for nature again, as the frets evoke the image of a net.

Nº 9

Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Aquamarine, between two sphinxes a fess, all Or, charged with a paschal lamb between two zules Aquamarine. For a crest, a winged paschal lamb Or.
Symbolism: The main colour of the shield is aquamarine, a mix of the armigers favourite colours. The two sphinxes represent the armiger valuing logic and reason, because of their association with riddles and guarding of knowledge. The paschal lamb on the fess represents the armigers faith and the value they place on family. The two zules supporting the fess represent the importance of holding family together. The crest shows a winged paschal lamb, a combination of the shields main charges.

Nº 10

Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Amaranth, a base enarched Vert, overall riding on a horse salient an armoured hamster holding a lance, it's tip in the shape of a pencil's head, all Argent. For a crest, a hamster rampant Argent holding a sword Amaranth.
Symbolism: The tincture of the field is amaranth, a purplish red, as an approximation of one of the armigers favourite colours. The green base intentionally breaks the rule of tincture as a referance to the armigers origin of Germany, where green bases and mounts on coloured fields are common. The horse is also a reference to the area of Lower Saxony where the armiger comes from, as that regions arms feature a horse salient argent as well. The hamster is one of the armigers favourite animals. Hamsters are both solitary animals and highly efficient diggers, representing the armigers 'live and let live' attitude as well as their diligence and discipline. It is armoured to reference their interest in knights and their armour, and is bearing a lance sharpened to a pencils point to represent their passion and talent for art and heraldry. The crest shows a hamster again as a repetition if the shields design, a practice common in Germany. It's standing on top of a pillow rather than a torse, as that is also more in line with German tradition.

Nº 11

Maker: Catherine the Alright#4309
Blazon: Eisenfarbe semy of mullets of five points, a horse salient wearing a mural crown, all copper.
Symbolism: The primary charge is a horse, as a canting of the armigers name. The horse is wearing a mural crown, to represent their interest in politics and monarchist tendencies. The stars reference their strong European identity, and the two tinctures used are both metallic, to represent their interest in technology.

Nº 12

Maker: Di (theythem)#0292
Blazon: Per fess wavy Argent and Sanguine, in chief the Eye of Woden Brunatre. For a crest, an eagle displayed regardant Sable armed, beaked, and langued Sanguine
Symbolism: The arminger stated that they like to pursue knowledge and help others learn, and they have interests in history, literature, architecture, and linguistics, and are interested in German history, so I chose they eye of the Germanic god Woden, the god of wisdom, to symbolize knowledge. The armiger stated that they have an interest in German history, which we all know is a bit messy, so the sanguine base represents a pool of blood, with the argent chief representing the bright enlightenment and education that comes from that messy history. The pool of blood also alludes to the pool where Woden threw in his eye in exchange for the world's knowledge, representing that wisdom doesn't come for free. The armiger requested that the color sanguine be used in these arms. For the crest, the armiger is German and has an interest in German history, and nothing seems as appropriate a symbol for German history to me as the Reichsadler. I colored the eagle in the traditional colors of the German coat of arms, replacing the gules with sanguine to match the arms, and made it regardant to symbolize looking to the past for knowledge.

Nº 13

Maker: Donnchadh
Blazon: Per pale, Ochre and Sable, a chief Argent. For a crest, a dragon’s head erased Navy (Azure), tongued and eyed Argent.
Symbolism: The Armiger has expressed interest in Linguistics and by their Reddit name the Irish Language. The armiger has also listed Beer as an interest, so these arms were designed to evoke the effect of pulling a pint of Guinness. These arms also represent the armiger’s belief in identity and in sustainability through the use of multiple, more neutral “Earthy” tinctures. The multiple tinctures represents the many facets of one’s personality that make up their identity. Earthy tinctures were chose to evoke the soil and earth which are closely linked with the concept of sustainability. The Armiger also asked to avoid anything non-medieval in spirit, so the shield itself was kept basic, as in-keeping with the Falkirk Roll of Arms of 1298, which display basic or geometric arms, at the height of the age of Heraldry. For a crest: A dragon’s head erased Navy (Azure), tongued and eyed Argent. The crest represents the armiger’s interest in fictional monsters and action oriented media/ video games, as dragons have a huge presence in both. The dragon also represents the armiger’s belief in liberation as just like those who wish to be liberated, a dragon is wild and untameable with the power to liberate and the freedom to fly. The colour of the dragon is also a reference to the Armiger’s Reddit Name and one of their favourite colours. The argent tongue of the dragon evokes the Armiger’s interest in linguistics as a reference to being “silver tongued” which evokes a way with words and language and a certain type of charisma.

Nº 14

Maker: Dreamlifter
Blazon: Lozengy Argent and Orange. A chief Aquamarine, embattled, fimbriated Argent. For a crest, Antlers crossed, Brunatre.
Symbolism: Antler crest: from Elk and Moose on Michigan Coat of Arms. Embattled: Strength in faith. Lozengy: Logic, reason and order. English Philosopher Thomas Brown stated the lozenge was a symbol for the way all things are interconnected.


Maker: Ensix#0001
Blazon: Azure, three pallets argent, on a chief of the second, a lion passant guardant gules armed and langued of the first.
Symbolism: The pallets represent pillars, a feature often seen in legislative buildings representing the bearer's interest in politics and ideal of democracy, as well as historical architecture, representing the bearer's interest in history. The lion is a symbol of the bearer's British nationality, as is the color scheme. The lion also represents the bearer's participation in the furry community.

Nº 16

Maker: fritzorino#3670
Blazon: Eisenfarbe, an oak tree Argent issuant from base overall three stones of the same issuant from base. For a crest, a cubit arm in armour Proper garnished Or, the hand in a gauntlet holding 3 annulets interlaced Vert
Symbolism: The main charge of the achievment, the oak tree, is a reference to the armigers love for exploring nature and visiting national parks and also his location in Texas where many oaks of different varieties are native to. The 3 stones are canting for the armigers first name which partially translates to "stone" in French. Somewhat in contrast to the nature theme the choice of tinctures with Eisenfarbe (the required non-standard tincture) and Argent is more "technologically/artificially" themed referencing the armigers interest in computer science. The armoured arm in the crest is representative of honor, one of the armigers ideals, through the classic motive of a knight. The 3 interlaced annulets are symbolic of loyalty, another of the armigers ideals, aswell as them being close to family. A theme represented in the shield in a more abstract way is "caring for those in need" with the stones being sheltered by the tree.

Nº 17

Maker: hospitallers#9147
Blazon: Amaranth, a pale and a base conjoined Argent charged with in between two dodecahedrons Azure, another Sanguine all in pale. For a crest, on a torse of the field, a Tyrannosaurus Rex statant reguardant Azure, armed Or, holding in its dexter arm two tulips Argent and Amaranth, slipped and leaved Vert.
Symbolism: The armiger has an affinity for tabletop RPGs which is represented by the dodecahedrons, the armiger's quality of being supportive of friends in need is also represented by the two blue dodecahedrons "protecting" the different one. The armiger is equally interested in dinosaurs, so what better than one holding a pair of Tulips (cant on her name) to symbolize a life shared with a partner.

Nº 18

Maker: hospitallers#9147
Blazon: Sable, four bones in latin cross fretty Argent. For a crest, upon a helmet mantled Brunatre and doubled Or, and upon a torse of the same, a Devil/Cortez Starfish (Pentaceraster Cumingi) Sable horned Gules.
Symbolism: The armiger's favored colors are present (Sable, Argent and Gules), as well as his predilection for bones and the four members of his immediate family. He has been in a religious journey represented both by the cross fretty as well as the pentagramic symbolism of the Devil/Cortez Starfish to assuade his predilection for paganistic spirituality.

Nº 19

Maker: hospitallers#9147
Blazon: Azure, in chief a masked booby (Sula Dactylatra) displayed Or, in base six gouttes three, two and one verdigris. For a crest, upon a helmet mantled of the field, and upon a torse of the same, a masculyn Vert.
Symbolism: The field Azure represents the Pacific in its vastness, the islands that bespeckle it are represented by the gouttes and soaring above them all, a Masked Booby. The armiger is a self declared "confirmed bachelor" so a perfectly placed masculyn as his crest is fitting. The choice of a booby and a masculyn for a bachelor are not without a bit of jest.

Nº 20

Maker: hospitallers#9147
Blazon: Bleu celeste, between two gussets in nombril Copper, a corinthian column with wings expanded all Argent. For a crest, issuing from a torse Sable, Gules and Copper, mantled per pale and doubled of the same, a hand sinister-bendwise holding a Baton bendwise Argent flying a Banderole Azure charged with a weaver's hitch Argent waving to Sinister.
Symbolism: The armiger's interest in architecture and design are represented by the Corinthian column, and its winged nature symbolizes the armiger's equal interests in climbing and design, as they both elevate both body and mind. His interest for vexilology is carried forth by the hand waving its flag. The armiger's favorite colors have been included to utilize a copper metal to identify the armiger's current country's heraldically innovating traditions.

Nº 21

Maker: hospitallers#9147
Blazon: Azure, within a double tressure flowered with Venus within and with Mars without all Argent, an escutcheon vair undy Verdigris and Buff. For a crest, issuing from a torse of the field, and mantled of the same, a dexter hand holding a crane’s head erased Verdigris and langued Gules.
Symbolism: The armiger's passion for Scotland is represnted by the blue and the double tressure, which also represents the armiger's familial situation by having Venus and Mars separated but united. One of the armiger's favorite colors is Verdigris, represented in the escutcheon vair undy that can be interpreted as wavy for the scottish lochs or always in flux, adapting to changes. The crest with a hand forcefully holding a Verdigris crane's head also symbolizes the armiger's familial situation.

Nº 22

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Per fess Sable a demi-man Proper pacing to dexter, clothed Or, orbed Amaranth, his dexter hand Eisenfarbe and Amaranth fretty Or. For a crest, a demi-man Proper pacing to dexter, clothed Or, orbed Amaranth, his dexter hand Eisenfarbe and Amaranth fretty Or, a rooster Amaranth combed Or perched on his hand dexter.
Symbolism: The first attempt I've seen to provide to provide the recipient with canting arms, the shield depicts a man pacing on his terrace. The colors used for the terrace bit come from the flag of the recipient's childhood home. Fretty also symbolisms community and connectivity, and the Amaranth (an edgy red) combines with the black for the traditional colors of the recipient's political beliefs. In addition, the man's metal hand and artificial eye nod to the recipient's belief in transhumanism. In the crest, the man is repeated, this time bearing the mythical galo de Barcelos. The rooster's placement on his hand instead of in his mouth points to the recipient's veganism and compassion for animals.

Nº 23

Maker: kas_vain#3506
Blazon: Argent, a tree eradicated Orange leaved Vert, fructed with 3 flames Orange and it's trunk enwrapped by a wyvern wings displayed Vert.
Symbolism: The tree represents nature, and the wyvern coiled around it is a reference to the rod of Asclepius. The trinity of the flames symbolizes christianity.

Nº 24

Maker: Llwty#3180
Blazon: Per pale Sanguine and Argent, a rose Argent.
Symbolism: The Sanguine and Argent represent Indonesia, where theyre from, the white rose of york represents the fact they went to uni at york uni.

Nº 25

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Cendrée, a rainbow ensigned with a one-towered castle Argent whereupon hoisted a banner Or. For a crest, between two antlers Argent an ink pot Cendrée and therein a quill Or.
Symbolism: Gray (one of the armiger's favourite colours) represents struggles and blues in life. The castle with the flag represents victory over these, and also, like the antlers, they symbolize power. The rainbow is a symbol of the covenant between God and mankind on which one's life and accomplishments are based on. Furthermore, the castle refers to the fortress of Masada and thus Judaism and loyalty, and its silver colour to the value of truth and honesty to the armiger. The quill and ink represent the armiger's interest in writing and politics.

Nº 26

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Aquamarine, a sea turtle tergiant Or his shell Aquamarine charged with three pallets wavy and a bordure Or. For a crest, a serpent Aquamarine armed and langued Or entwined about a lightning bolt Or between two tufts of five feathers alternately Or and Aquamarine.
Symbolism: The sea turtle and colourful feathers are common elements in Pacific cultures and their art, and the latter also marks of status and power. The snake around a lightning bolt refers to emergency medicine; the turtle to the calmness and determination required in it. Aquamarine is a combination of two preferred colours of the armiger, symbolizing also the Pacific ocean and the scrubs used in hospitals. Furthermore, the wavy design on the turtle's shell depicts how we are one with the environment, symbolizing sustainability.

Nº 27

Maker: HexKätz#7399
Blazon: Amaranth, the head of John the Baptist or. For a crest: The head of John the Baptist or.
Symbolism: The armiger's internet monicker is that of a Christian Knight's Order that was also called the Order of St. John, which is why I put St. John the Baptist on the arms. The armiger's last name means "red", the amaranth shield is a mixture of that with a bit of blue, the armiger's favourite colour.

Nº 28

Maker: Matteo679#7980
Blazon: Per fess Argent and Eisen, between in chief a fasces of the second, axe-head to base and bound Bronze, and in base a cogwheel of sixteen spokes surmounted by a an unvoided Magen David, both of the third, a fess enarched of the third charged with five piles throughout sable. For a crest, a lion sejant regardant Eisen armed Argent langued Gules, charged on the breast with a cogwheel of sixteen spokes surmounted by a an unvoided Magen David both Bronze, holding in it's dexter paw an axe handled Bronze, the axe-head Eisen.
Symbolism: The objective of this achievement was to evoke deep symbolism with a sense of balance and timelessness. The instructions to use non-standard metals and tinctures allowed the artist to pursue this objective with a palette of Bronze, Eisen and Argent that evokes ancient art and weaponry, symbolic of the armigers interests in history and the ancient lands of Israel where he now lives. The steel shade of Eisen is used for the armiger's love of the colour grey, and for the steel giants of skyscrapers synonymous with his home of New York City and in particular of the specialised steel cladding of the Chrysler Building, one of the armigers most beloved architectural landmarks. Bronze is reminiscent of the Bronze-Age when archaeologic findings abound for Israel, and has the additional distinction of performing a canting pun on the New York Borough of the Bronx, from whence the armiger hails.
Among the armiger's interests they list Politics and among their values they describe "Truth, Justice and the American Way". In chief the main charge is a fasces, often symbolic of power and might, particularly the power of collective endeavour synonymous with the egalitarian principles underlining the American approach to democracy and politics. Beneath the fasces is a fess enarched. The arcing fess evokes the famously American quote coined in the nineteenth century and popularised by the Rev Martin Luther King Jnr when he gave a speech declaring that "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice". This idea alignes with the armigers passion for justice. This fess is charged with 5 sable piles which together evoke a crown silhouette. This is significant (1) as a cant on the surname King, source of the previously stated quote on justice, (2) a crown highlights the armiger's interest in monarchism, and (3) reminiscent of the art deco exterior of the upper levels of the Chrysler building.
In base there is a cogwheel of sixteen spokes which is surmounted by a Magen David unvoided. Both of these charges are taken from the arms of Herzliya where the armiger now resides. The wheel and Star of David are also significant for a famous namesake of the armiger, who shares his firstname with the principal protagonist of the motion picture Ben Hur, set in Bronze-Age Jerusalem, and synonymous with the iconic chariot race scene where the armiger's namesake valiantly prevails to triumph over adversity.
Finally we come to the crest. A lion sits upright and armed as though a statue guarding the entrance to a building or city. It is the Lion of Judea, standing at the ready to defend Israel. However, the lion faces the horizon but looks back behind himself. He is aware that his heritage stretches back across millenia, and he is responsible to those who've gone before to uphold their traditions and values. This is the central thesis of conservatism, which the armiger seeks to defend and uphold alongside all his values and beliefs, depicted here in a timeless fashion that like his values will withstand the test of time.

Nº 29

Maker: skyskipper#1787
Blazon: Azure, two saltires in fess interlaced Bronze. For a crest, A magpie Proper clutching a set of bagpipes piped Bronze and bagged of the tartan of the recipient.
Symbolism: He likes magpies, apparently. I'm sure he has his own reasons. The bagpipes are a reference to his being a total Scottish stereotype, and bear the pattern of his tartan. Also I think he mentioned playing bagpipes at some point, so there. Colors are of house Ravenclaw, which the Armiger identifies himself as a part of. The two saltires represent his Scottish origins, and they are interlaced as a reference to the weaving of threads in the art of tartan-making (if that's the correct verb).

Nº 30

Maker: skyskipper#1787
Blazon: Aquamarine, issuant from a mound Copper, three coral tubes Or. For a crest, a dove overt Argent limbed and armed Or, in its beak a heart Aquamarine.
Symbolism: The armiger, if I recall correctly, lives near the sea. The nautical symbolism of the shield, both the corals and the colour aquamarine, reflect that. Teal, a favourite colour of the armiger, is similar enough to aquamarine, as well. The coral represents a variety of animals working together, each equal to each other and helping the community survive as a whole. A dove bearing a heart symbolizes compassion.

Nº 31

Maker: Münchner#8888
Blazon: Eisenfarbe an open book Proper within the words Disce Per Historia, a Chef Embattled Verdigris, between a sceptre and a propeller, an armillary sphere all Eisenfarbe.
Symbolism: The tinctures, specifically Verdigris, was chosen because the recipient’s favourite colour’s include blue and green. Using this tincture allowed me to mix the two. As for symbolism, the main charge, a book with the words Disce Per Historia translating to Learn Through History, was used because once of my recipient’s passion’s is History. Along with this the sceptre, armillary sphere, and propeller were added in the embattled chief, also a nod to history, to represent the military, international relations, and aircraft respectively.

Nº 32

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Or, a rooster chantant Sable, it's comb and tail Amaranth.
Symbolism: The roosters call is a wakeup call, calling attention to this reciepients passions and ideals, which largely exist of pressing issues. The black rooster is also a symbol of their home country. The brightly coloured comb and tail reference the punk subculture.

Nº 33

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Per chevron, Aquamarine and Argent. For a crest, an easel upon which a depiction of saint humbertus deer, all proper.
Symbolism: The simple field is to reference to the shape of a mountain, alluding to this person's love for nature. the mountain is also symbolic for faith and integrity. In argent, the shape also reminds of a scalpel, referencing their interest in medicine. The crest reflects their interest in art, nature and animals as well as christianity.

Nº 34

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Vert, on a pile verdigriss a raven displayed perched on a sword palewise, all proper.
Symbolism: The green field represents nature and is one of the reciepients favourite colours. the pile is meant to represent a river cutting through the land, which is a canting element. The sword reflects their interest in history and material arts as well as strength. the raven on top of it reflects their pagan worldview as well as invoking a feeling of freedom, as birds can fly.

Nº 35

Maker: Ordana
Blazon: Per fess purpure and or, a mouse cendree dimidiating an ermine spot inverted sable. For a crest, a demi-knight proper holding a sword.
Symbolism: The ermine spot is for his fondness for traditional heraldic art. He also likes rodents so a mouse head is dimidated with the inverted ermine spot. The colors chosen are purpure and or for his favorite colors and cendree for the mouse as per this round's challenge. He also likes knights so one with a sword was made for this crest.

Nº 36

Maker: Ordana
Blazon: Verdigris, a chief embattled Gules, a chevron inverted of the second.
Symbolism: Inverted chevron is a V for Vexillology, and the verdigris represents history because it's aged copper that's been exposed to the elements.

Nº 37

Maker: InflatedYeast#4538
Copper, two pairs of semiquavers addorsed and conjoined throughout Bleu-Celeste. Symbolism: The recipient said on the recipient's answer sheet that the recipient likes music and arms that use ordinaries in a aclever way so i used a music note to make it look like a chevron kind of. And also there was said that the recipient insisted that celset and copper were valid tinctures and metal so that why i used that.

Nº 38

Maker: TMG#2767
Blazon: Sable, between twelve mullets Copper a horse statant Argent maned and queued Copper, its feet replaced by wheels Copper.
Symbolism: The twelve mullets are a reference to the recipient's interest in a future united Europe. The wheels are a reference to the recipient's Reddit username, the horse is canting on another name belonging to the recipient. The Sable of the field was mentioned by the recipient as one of their favorite colors, the Argent of the horse represents their progressive ideals. The Copper is chosen for aesthetic reasons.

Nº 39

Maker: Will#3055
Blazon: Tenné, a saltire within an orle Argent, thereon a roundel of the field fimbriated and charged with an ancient crown of the last.
Symbolism: The armiger listed monarchism and loyalty as core ideals, and for that reason we see the crown of monarchy connected by bonds of loyalty (the saltire) to wider society (the orle). The saltire also recalls the battle flag of the armiger's home, Northern Virginia. The armiger expressed interest in '80s design, and so I tried to recall something of that era's design trends in the bold, swooping lines of the arms. Orange is a favourite colour of his, and I limited myself to two tinctures per his preferences.