Season 11 - Badge

Heraldry Harry
Heraldry Harry

HH11: Badge

This season happened in January of 2020 and for the twist, participants had to focus their design in making a badge for their respective Harries.


Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: A fleur-de-lis its middle petal in form of an ink pen nib Or.
Symbolism: The golden fleur-de-lis, a reference to France, is canting. The pen nib symbolizes the armiger's interest in illustration and graphic design, and the unusual form of fleur-de-lys refers to their interest in creativity.


Nº 1

Maker: A.C Esq#5936
Blazon: A crown of Thorns Or and a hexagon voided Argent Interlaced.
Symbolism: The Crown of Thorns represents the armigers Catholic Faith, and his French nationality as the Crown of Thorns is a well known relic in France. The Hexagon represents the armigers interest in Chemistry as molecules are often represented as such, in particular “Them being interlaced represents several things, it calls back to the coat of arms of Vendee with its interlaced voided hearts, where the armiger comes from, it represents familial bond, it represent chemical bonds, and it represent nuptial bond as the armiger has a fiancée and interlaced rings often symbolise that. The choice of having two metals is a reference to the armigers particular interest in “Supramolecular Organometallic Sythesis” (I have no idea what any of that word means, but it has the word metal in it).

Nº 2

Maker: Dimitri Prica
Blazon: A hot air balloon Azure, its basket an aeolus Argent.
Symbolism: The self-powered hot air balloon is a symbol of the armiger's belief in continual self-improvement, along with a nod to the history of air navigation. Blue is also their favourite colour. The head has a roman profile because.. reasons!

Nº 3

Maker: Dimitri Prica
Blazon: A chess rook Or and another Argent bound together by a square knot Sable.
Symbolism: The design is symmetrical as a reference to impartiality, but the two rooks (symbols of intelligence) are not the usual black-and-white but rather or and argent, to stress that even Justice matters are often more complex than a dichotomy. Further, the whole is structured like a suspension bridge: the two "towers" are different cultures, both of precious metal to stress both their difference and equality; the rope in between is a neutral black. I chose the square knot because it requires two ropes bearing the same load: if one lets go, the other falls, and the knot disappears. Both cultures reach across, and are upheld by the other.

Nº 4

Maker: André#9668
Blazon: Three lightning bolts emerging from a cloud Argent above three gouttes Azure.
Symbolism: The badge is related to the armiger current arms. Clouds, always moving, and changing shape, serve as a metaphor for stories and narratives, where regardless of genre or media characters, places, etc, move and transform over time. The gouttes connect to the element in the armiger's crest, said to be able to control the rains while the lightnings connect to charges in the escutcheon - there's 6 elements coming out of the clouds because 6 is an important number to the armiger.

Nº 5

Maker: Jacques#6165
Blazon: On a roundel Argent, a demi rose Azure, barbed and seeded Or, issuant from base.
Symbolism: "Let not the sun go down upon your anger." Ephesians 4:26 immediately came to mind when the recipient said that their core ideal was to try and settle things peacefully as soon as possible. The charge in base, barbed or, evoke the setting sun. The "rose", canting, is blue, symbolising in european culture a wish came true, "wish" being canting as well. It is covering only half of the roundel, leaving the rest white, the color of peace, also representing the white sheet of paper of the artist that is the recipient.

Nº 6

Maker: jan Kansi#8698
Blazon: A monkey statant erect in cross Azure, fructed of coconuts Vert.
Symbolism: I heard you liked fantastical creatures? Well feast your eyes on the cocomonkey as I tell you what it represents. When I read of the armiger's values of truth, integrity, Christian faith and family, I thought to myself "what world renown symbol could truly embody such important principles?" That's right, it's Abraham Lincoln. Now, he never told a lie, was probably Christian and definitely married with children, but if Planet of the Apes taught me anything (the Time Burton version, not the inferior 1968 film), it's that he also looked like a monkey. Okay, if you've already figured out which heraldist this badge is for, you might be thinking "Fool! Lincoln wasn't Finnish." Well I thought of that and decided to make him look like the blue cross on the flag of Finland. Ongelma ratkaistu! Last, but not least, the armiger's favourite nut (and probably Lincoln's too) is the coconut. Great choice!

Nº 7

Maker: jan Kansi#8698
Blazon: An Australian possum erect proper bearing in its paws the Toki Pona glyph for the word "Olin" (Love) in sitelen sitelen script Gules.
Symbolism: The armiger stated that their name translates to "Possum", so the possum in the badge is canting. They live in Australia, hence the use of an Australian Possum over an American one. They stated that their ideals are equality and getting along, which I represented with a glyph for "Love". The reason I chose the Toki Pona language is because they said that they are interested in it. The art style is intentionally cutesy, because the armiger also said that they like cute things.

Nº 8

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: A postal horn Celeste, issuant from the bell a cornucopia of fruits proper.
Symbolism: The horn represents many things: Scientific progress (and how far we've come from the days when postal horns were still used), fighting injustice (sounding the alarm against wrongdoing), and music (a horn, this is kind of simple). The fruits are similarly layered: The recipient's veggie nonsense (they're veggies), biology and science (being biological entities), and classless society (enough for everyone to eat). Tinctures chosen because they looked nice.

Nº 9

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: A ship Or, its sail Azure charged with a Lorraine cross.
Symbolism: The ship represents the recipient's hometown, which is home to a world-wide sailing race every four years. Very cool! I like sailing. The sail and its charge represent the recipient's nationality and faith, a cross for his faith and the specific cross for the nation and its resilience.

Nº 10

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: A cat's head cabossed Purpure armed Argent jessant-de-lys and charged on its forehead with a mullet of six Or.
Symbolism: The armiger likes cats. The jessant-de-lys (resembling visually a crown over the head of the cat) symbolizes gaining (personal) power through own actions. The fleur-de-lys also refers to truth and Scouts. The mullet on the forehead symbolizes learning, being right and interest in interacting with people, and refers to the religion of the armiger. The tinctures refer to royalism.

Nº 11

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: An olive wreath Gules surmounted by a comet inverted Or.
Symbolism: The comet is canting, as the armiger's first name means "wish" and it's an old superstistition to make a wish when seeing a shooting star. The olive wreath, a symbol of peace, refers to how the armiger values settling arguments peacefully. Gules is a favourite colour of the armiger.

Nº 12

Maker: Mich#0215
Blazon: A hob Or couchant crowned of a privateer’s hat Gules.
Symbolism: The beast is a canting on the armiger’s surname “Hobson”. The gold represent his ideals of loyalty, as well as a visual pun with the hat, referring to the “Golden Age of Sail”, one of his interests. As an American, the colour of the headgear represents his conservative views. I also took some inspiration from the characters of C.S Lewis’s books, as the armiger is fond of fairytales.

Nº 13

Maker: skyskipper#1787
Blazon: Within a sickle Or, a globe Gules graticuled Or.
Symbolism: The armiger has a passion for socialism, represented by the sickle and history, represented by the globe.

Nº 14

Maker: Münchner#8888
Blazon: Atop an Ionic Capital a globe Proper, partially covered by a shield Gules, being impaled by a sword Proper, gripped by an eagle Or perched atop the globe.
Symbolism: The eagle represents Indonesia, the recipient's homeland. The sword being plunged into the shield is a play on the recipient's name whilst the shield is a reference to one of the recipient's hobbies: heraldry. The globe alludes to one of the recipient's ideals: humanism. Whilst the Ionic Capital alludes to their interest in both history, and museums.

Nº 15

Maker: Pi#4793
Blazon: A compass Or, its handle Sable, its hinge a walnut issuant downwards therefrom an ice axe, all Proper.
Symbolism: The walnut on the badge symbolizes the armiger's favourite nut to eat, which is the walnut. The pickaxe represents the armiger's fascination and interest towards climbing and mountaineering, and the and the compass represents the armiger's interest towards traditional architecture, specifically European and East Asian architecture. The or on the compass doesn't exactly symbolize anything, it was added to look nice and contrast with the other colors.

Nº 16

Maker: SpaghettiDabaiji#1884
Blazon: An annullet Argent enflamed Gules surmounted by a clownfish Proper.
Symbolism: The armiger's ideals include love and passion, which is symbolized by the red flames. Red is also one of their favorite colors. The annullet is a circle, a gender-neutral shield shape as opposed to the traditionally male escutcheon and the traditionally female lozenge. The clownfish is a rather uncommon animal in heraldry, reflecting the armiger's penchant for rarer charges.