Season 2 - The Sequel

Heraldry Harry

HH2: The Sequel

After the success of the first season of Heraldry Harry, a sequel was done in March of 2018, still Twists hadn't been implemented yet. Resulting in alternative arms for the recipients based solely on their form answers. Sadly due to the nature of being the first iterations of the event, some details like symbolisms were lost.


HH2 11.png
Maker: kas_vain#3506
Blazon: Gules, a wolf issuant from base Argent, a chief pally Argent and Sable.

HH2 12.png
Maker: CTC#9001
Blazon: Purpure, a chevron inverted arched Argent, issuant from it three ears of wheat Or.

HH2 13.png
Maker: Capitalism#1601
Blazon: Sable, two arms Or habited of the same issuant from the flanks, grasping an annulet Argent.


Nº 1

HH2 1.png
Maker: enrico coochie#9095
Blazon: Argent, a cross throughout Gules charged with five mullets of 8 Or, a chief Azure.

Nº 2

HH2 2.png
Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Gules, a bend-sinister Argent accompanied in base by a boar's head erased Argent, armed Or.

Nº 3

HH2 3.png
Maker: Kim#5772
Blazon: Argent, a dog regardant Gules, a bordure gyronny Gules and Or.

Nº 4

HH2 4.png
Maker: Drostan#2744
Blazon: Vert, a gothic window Argent, on a chief wavy Argent five bluebells counter-changed.

Nº 5

HH2 5.png
Maker: Nick#5841
Blazon: Argent, a lion rampant Purpure, armed Gules, flames issuant from its mouth, a flank pappelony Purpure and Or.

Nº 6

HH2 6.png
Maker: André#9668
Blazon: Vert, a tree Or charged with weighing scales of the First between four double-helixes issuing in saltire Argent and four double-helixes issuing in cross of the Second.
Symbolism: Significance: I designed the arms based on the armigers passion and ideals. The tree with the scales show their ideal of ending extreme poverty in the world, the tree showing sustenance and the scales justice. The double helixes represent both their interest in science and making it acessible but also as a symbol of our inner self.

Nº 7

HH2 7.png
Maker: moman🌞🐝🏠#1639
Blazon: Vairy of Azure and Gules, a horn Or.

Nº 8

HH2 8.png
Maker: KnightofAshes#0248
Blazon: Gyronny Argent and Gules, a harp Or, a base Azure.

Nº 9

HH2 9.png
Maker: Ensix#0001
Blazon: Vert. a torch and a nautical telescope all in saltire Argent.

Nº 10

HH2 10.png
Maker: Alexander#6201
Blazon: Azure, twelve annulets in annulo overlapped, accompanied by four crescents in cross turned to the center and four columns in saltire, all Argent.

Nº 11

HH2 14.png
Maker: boermac#7798
Blazon: Gules, a saltire Or, over all a cross throughout Sable, charged by a corn stalk Or.

Nº 12

HH2 15.png
Maker: camila#6873
Blazon: Gyronny embattled Azure and Argent, an etoille of twelve points counterchanged Argent and Vert.

Nº 13

HH2 16.png
Maker: Matteo679#7980
Blazon: Plumetty Azure and Or, on a chief Or three crescents Azure.