Season 3 - The Third

Heraldry Harry
Heraldry Harry

HH3: The Third

After the success of the first and second seasons of Heraldry Harry, in May 2018 the event was expanded to Reddit. The voting began to be made there and the community was free to participate in a more broad event, still Twists hadn't been implemented yet. Resulting in alternative arms for the recipients based solely on their form answers.


Maker: Matteo679#7980
Blazon: Tierced per pale gules, argent and gules a fess dancetty counterchanged. For a crest, a vol argent surmounted with a cubit proper issuant from flames gules holding a firemans axe proper in bend sinister.
Symbolism: The livery colours are argent and gules, recognisable as the marking colours for emergency services personnel such as firefighters and EMTs and their vehicles, which is significant for the armiger given their former career as a firefighter and their voluntary work as an EMT with the Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross) which again is synonymous with gules and argent A geometric design of divisions and ordinaries was chosen due to the armigers artistic and personal preference for simplicity. Due diligence of research was undertaken in armorials of various languages seeking to ensure this blazon was unique - to date no identical design has been found. The Fess dancetty (zickzackbalken) is a common feature of German heraldry and the triangular forms are reminiscent of the alchemical sign for fire. This is significant given both the armigers former career as a firefighter but their current profession as a modern alchemist - a pharmaceutical engineer. The countercharging creates a cruciform shape from the argent, a unique checkerboard arrangement not unlike the distinctive Battenburg markings on emergency services vehicles. The crest is crafted from a vol symbolising the armigers love of nature, and invoking the demivol in the arms of Köthen. The triumphant firefighters arm emerging from the flames reflects on the noble and heroic deeds of the armiger in their previous lifesaving work as a firefighter, to now the heroic and lifesaving work as a volunteer EMT and a pharmaceutical engineer, conquering the flames of disease and death.


Nº 1

Maker: A.C Esq#5936
Blazon: Sable, A Ionian collum or garbed with a herald's tabard of the last, charged with the Burning Bush proper. For a crest, a Saltire argent supporting a sunburst proper.
Symbolism: While the Burning Bush, Tabard and Saltire is quite apparent on what they mean. The Ionian collumn is a reference to Herodotus of Hallicarnassus, (in Ionia) the father of history, and the sunburst is a reference to the sun attribute of St Thomas Aquinas, a famed theologian.

Nº 2

Maker: Andrakian
Blazon: Party per fess Argent and Sable, a thunderbolt palewise charged with a flower Sable, a thunderbolt palewise charged with a flower Gules.
Symbolism: The recipient wants to become a nuclear physician, so I spent a couple days trying to represent an atom. The three axis symbol is pretty tacky, so it was out. Plato's geometric solids, the closest we have to a "medieval" representation of the atom, just looked like rpg dice. So I came up with these charges, the flower being an allegory of the atom with the stamens being the nucleus and the petals being the electrons in orbit around it. The thunderbolt represents the energy generated in fission. A red flower also represents the Red Carnation of Spain. The Argent-Sable-Gules colour scheme references the famous "yin-yang" in the coat of arms of Niels Bohr. The escutcheon is symmetrical, referencing equality. Also, the thunderbolt symbol kicks ass.

Nº 3

Maker: André#9668
Blazon: Vert, a wolf's head erased langued Argent and crowned with a laurel wreath of the same. For a crest, a dexter arm embowed and vambraced proper, grasping a gamepad Or buttoned Vert.
Symbolism: The wolf with the wreath is a cant on the recipient's name and the colours were chosen as they are the main colours used on relief maps, cartography being one of the recipient's interests. The crest calls on the recipient's interest in history and gaming, and makes for a nice dichotomy.

Nº 4

Maker: boermac#7798
Blazon: Azure, on a lozenge Or an atom Sable, in chief a scale Or. For a crest a chess knight Sable.
Symbolism: Colours of Or and Azure are symbolic of the recipient's home city (Almada). The recipient is passionate about equality (scales) and science (atom) and enjoys gaming, symbolised by the dice and checker in the atom, and the chess knight for the crest. The lozenge is there for the recipient's child, a daughter.

Nº 5

Maker: camila#6873
Blazon: Argent, pily palewise in dexter Gules, a wyvern tail Azure in sinister.
Symbolism: The wyvern tail is a reference to the recipient's arms, and the pily is inspired by F1 motifs, one of the recipients interests.

Nº 6

Maker: cdreus#6468
Blazon: Azure a chevron Gules fimbriated Or, over which, in chief dexter, a paintbrush Argent criné sable in bend sinister, and in chief sinister, a telescope Or in bend.
Symbolism: None given.

Nº 7

Maker: Drostan#2744
Blazon: Party per pale Argent and Gules, a tower per pale Azure and the of first, issuant therefrom an arm embowed Azure at dexter and a wing sinister Argent at sinister. On a titling helm for his rank above a torse knowed Argent, Gules and Azure and a mantling Argent doubled Gules borded Azure, as a crest, an arm embowed Azure holding a set of scales Gules and winged Argent.
Symbolism: Arm is for strength and bodybuilding, wing is for art (think how da Vinci was obsessed by wings) and fleeting justice (why not?), and the tower for honesty and history, all of it in the Texas colour scheme but balanced.

Nº 8

Maker: Capitalism#1601
Blazon: Per pale bracy Or and Vert, a dexter and sinister hand respectant, all counterchanged. For a crest, a hand Gules holding a horse leg Sable.
Symbolism: The Vert represents the recipient's appreciation of nature, as implicated through their current arms. The Or represents the pureness and value the recipient holds of other cultures. The bracy line (invented by me!) is a metaphor for cultural learning. The hands in both the shield and the crest represent a commonality in the recipient's historical area of interest, in which all work was done by hand. The horse leg represents the recipient's love of this era as well, with horses being the only other form of transport.

Nº 9

Maker: Imperito#2722
Blazon: Per pale Argent and Azure, an olive tree conjoined with the tip of a pen counterchanged. For a crest, two maracas proper in saltire.
Symbolism: Symbolism is a combination of the recipient's last name (Olive tree) and his writing hobby (the pen), plus it could also be a reference to his existentialism, as is the motto "Meaning from Art". Afterall, you can create many forms of art with a pen. Maracas because the recipient is from Sau Paulo and likes Music. They use maracas in their carnivals.

Nº 10

Maker: Tianxian#8504
Blazon: Azure, on a flaunch of the first fimbriated Or, a compass of the second.
Symbolism: The compass is a reference to maths and the yellow to their ideal to end world poverty.

Nº 11

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Chevrony inverted embowed Gules and Or, a right hand Argent. For a crest, a postal horn Or.
Symbolism: The inverted embowed chevrons represent books, indicating the recipient's love of reading. The outstretched helping hand represents the recipient's political ideals, of independence and helping the less fortunate. The crest is a heraldic representation of the recipient's skill on the trombone, which I felt would have been a bit too tall.

Nº 12

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Tierced in fess Azure, Or, and Vert, a bunch of grapes Gules stemmed Argent issuant from chief.
Symbolism:The colours represent the recipient's Kabylie heritage, rearranged to be tincture-compliant. The grapes are a further reference to that flag, as well as the recipient's favourite fruit. They also allude to the need to cooperate on a communal and global level.

Nº 13

Maker: Will#3055
Blazon: Azure, a grassy trimount in base proper, winged Argent, the dexter wing charged with a mullet of five points and the sinister with one of seven points proper.
Symbolism: A canting mount against the blue of the heavens, with the wings of St Matthew's angel—one charged with the Stellone and the other with the Commonwealth Star.

Nº 14

Maker: moman🌞🐝🏠#1639
Blazon: Vert, a bend stairy Gules fimbriated and engouled by dragons between two tongs bendwise reversed all Or. For a crest, a phoenix Or issuant from flames Gules.
Symbolism: The armiger stated that s/he was looking for something a little different. Hopefully this does the trick. The bend stairy relates to progression through the social order: per bend asserting that a social hierarchy exists and stairy asserting that one can climb up it. The dragons engouling the bend refers to the recipient’s (presumed) ancestral heritage and to debaters exchanging fiery words in argument – plus, dragons are cool. The tongs relate to the recipient’s value of precision and efficiency. The phoenix, in addition to being a symbol of rebirth and rising from the ashes, relates to the armiger’s present residence, the gold hue of the bird relates to the recipient’s value of truth. All of the charges share the common bond of fire, the closest medieval tie to electricity. The green and red present in both shield and crest represents a departure from the recipient’s current colours. There’s not a lot behind that choice other than that red and gold together make a bold combination (and potential ties back to the recipient’s ancestral origins).

Nº 15

Maker: OrangeInnards
Blazon: Vert, eleven tristram knots Or 3-2-3-2-1. For a crest, two rings Or, each decorated with a ruby Gules. For a motto, "Nemo Nisi Per Amicitiam Cognoscitur".
Symbolism: It's pretty on the nose, the knots (bowen knot, sometimes called tristram knots) obviously for the name/connection to Harry but also because they symbolize love, the combination of Vert and Or for the attributed arms of tirstan (vert, a lion rampant or), the rings cause he's married and the motto means "No one learns except by friendship", which references his open-mindedness and "every stranger is a friend" mentality.

Nº 16

Maker: Pallaran#8940
Blazon: Gules, an albatross proper rising, wings adorsed and inverted; In chief a pair of scales Or. For a crest, a corncob proper.
Symbolism: The Albatross stands for different things: first of all, they pick a life partner and raise their young together, which symbolizes the value he places on family as well as his familial situation They are also known for being able to glide for hours on end and seemingly never landing, which symbolizes his kite flying hobby Finally, they travel vast distances, which represents the huge distances between his geographical locations. The scales symbolize his sense of justice (fairness). The position of the scales above the bird means that that is very important to him (granted, this pun works better in my native language. We have a phrase, "iets hoog in het vaandel dragen" which literally translates to "carrying something high in your banner") The corn on the crest symbolizes his connection to the americas as well as his passion for learning, since according to mayan legend, man was created from corn, but only after 3 tries.

Nº 17

Maker: Dughorm#8723
Blazon: Vert, two torches Or flamed proper crossed in saltire tied with a ribbon Argent.
Symbolism: Torches: science and religion, two guiding flames, sports, two children. Tie: connection of different things in one person's life, connection with people, connection between parts of a system (how computers work and rules in sports), being married (a tender bond). Vert: The outside. Or: Looks good on Vert.

Nº 18

Maker: thick1988#1585
Blazon: Gules, a chain in bend throughout between in chief four stars of David Argent, stitched of the field, and in base a quill Argent. For a crest, a balanced scale atop a book proper.
Symbolism: I had the stars of David, 4 of them for your family, with baseball threads, then the chain showing strength but also chains bind together friends/family. The quill for writing. the book and scales for truth and justice.

Nº 19

Maker: Yottaphy
Blazon: Per fess, Vert, between two hands fesswise affronty Or, a quill palewise of the same and Or, a phoenix of the first rising from base, wings displayed and elevated, langued Gules and beaked Or.
Symbolism: The hands represent the recipient's value for kindness and their readiness to offer help. The quill represents their passion for linguistics, conlanging, translating and worldbuilding. The golden colour is a nod to the gold in Ukraine's arms and flag as well as their ideals of liberalism. The phoenix rising, but trapped in the lower half of the escutcheon represents the recipient's not yet acomplished desire of leaving their home country. Vert is used for its symbolism as the colour of hope, of finishing Uni and exploring the world further. Both tinctures used seem kind to me, non menacing, as my recipient has hinted as valuing.