Season 10 - Mix and Match

Heraldry Harry
Heraldry Harry

HH10: Mix and Match

This season happened in November of 2019 and for the twist, participants had to include at least two twists from previous Harry rounds, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the event.


Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Azure, two piles inverted throughout between three fusils in chief Argent. For a crest, two bull horns Argent issuant from each four pennons Azure.
Symbolism: Piles represents mountains, as the armiger is interested in mountaineering, while the piles with the fusils symbolize architectural structures. Furthermore, the fusils, together with the the tinctures (which are among the favoured colours of the armiger) refer to the arms of Bavaria. The design is kept simple and geometric as to the preference of the armiger. The crest is a traditional German crest, as the armiger values traditionalism, and the pennons symbolize their interest in vexillology.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Three in Chief (HH9)


Nº 1

Maker: A.C Esq#5936
Blazon: Per pale Sable and Or, a demi star issuant from base, it's centre ray extending all the way to chief counterchanged. For a Crest: A conch Or, its interior Sable, upon two spoked wheels of the last.
Symbolism: This entry mixes HH4 and HH6. The star issuant from base is canting of the armiger's name which means "Horizon" the armiger does not like complex arms, and to fit into the HH6 twist, I elected to use a star instead of the sun (suns would have wavy lines in addition to straight ones, but then again the sun is a star too but I digress). Moreover, the armiger has many interests in a variety of fields, and the star represents this too. Light is an often used symbol for learning afterall, furthermore the variety of interests the armiger has (they had to put etc. in their form) is represented by the numerous stars in the sky, but it is singular within this arms to show that it is a unified interest. The crest shows the two regions that the armiger's family comes from, Maharastra and Kerala. In one etymology, Maharastra means great chariot and this is represented by the wheels, while Kerala is often represented by a conch shell, them together in a Conch-chariot shows the union of the two regions in the armiger. The tinctures comes from the armigers' personal choices, and there's only two of them as per HH4.
Twists used: Two Tinctures (HH4) & Star (HH6)

Nº 2

Maker: aemdal#1904
Blazon: Argent a vair bell azure and in chief three more conjoined 1 and 2.For a crest, three vair bells azure each topped by three more argent conjoined 1 and 2. Motto: "AMO".
Symbolism: The armiger likes unusual charges; even though the vair bell is fairly uncommon by itself already, I wanted to push the originality and see whether it was possible to make an ermine spot out of them (not fully sure I succeeded, but I do find it fun). The armiger likes innovation in heraldry but also values respecting the rules, so I tried to make some new with some old. The main bell is canting, and the three in chief represent the armiger's family members, (with a fourth person, the armiger themselves, suggested by the negative space). The crest also evokes the number 3. The motto is the first person on the verb to love in Latin, echoing the armiger's belief in love and tolerance (which must needs start with oneself) and also one of their own past mottoes.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Three in chief (HH9)

Nº 3

Maker: aemdal#1904
Blazon: Per pale serpentine Eisenfarbe and Verdigris two fleams tête-bêche palewise counterchanged. For a crest, out of the fracted moon verdigris, two fleams reversed Eisenfarbe conjoined at the bend. Motto: "Thicker than blood".
Symbolism: The fleam is a little-used charge that is associated to doctors because the bloodletting lancet used in ye olde Europe was called a fleam (and looked nothing like the heraldic charge). The armiger values the concept of family, but is estranged from his own. He also values balance, and doing the right thing no matter the cost. The seprentine partition and counterchanged charges suggest a Yin-Yang. The fleams are counterchanged and their position mirror each other, indicating the need for balance, but also the conflicting feelings of the armiger towards family ("blood"), and the dillemas that come with trying to do the right thing. They also serve as a reminder that the "right thing" is very much subjective and context-bound, since doctors who prescribed bloodletting thought they were doing right by their patients. The moon from the crest is the armiger's future place of residence (maybe?), and it is sundered because of the POWER of the love represented by the conjoined fleams. This is half a cant, and half a representation of the armiger's values (love and ambition in this case). The motto plays off the saying "blood runs thicker than water", hinting that the armiger's resolve takes precedent over his familial ties.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Non-Traditional Tinctures (HH8)

Nº 4

Maker: Azul
Blazon: Rose, a forked tree fructed of two mullets of seven on each tip issuing from a trimount, all oO.
Symbolism: A tree balancing mullets on each side refers to the armiger's values of environmentalism and equality, the second being reinforced by the use of pink, one of the armiger's favourite colours, as well as a color of democratic socialism. The stars refer to the sky and the mount to the ground, reflecting the person's hobbies of astronomy and cartography.
Twists used: Star (HH6) & Non-Traditional Tinctures (HH8)

Nº 5

Maker: Di | they/them#0292
Blazon: Argent, a heart crowned Gules and in chief three gouttes de sang; for supporters, dexter, Saint Albertus Magnus, sinister, Saint Denis of Paris bearing his head in his arms, both habited in robes Argent and Gules.
Symbolism: The armiger made it very clear that their Catholic faith was very important to them, so I tried my best to incorporate Catholic symbols. The crowned heart represents the Sacred Heart of Christ, while also referencing the Crowned Heart of Vendée, the emblem of the armiger's home department. The gouttes de sang symbolize the blood spilled by Christ, with the three drops representing the Holy Trinity. The supporters are Saint Albertus Magnus and Saint Denis. Albertus Magnus is the patron saint of science and chemistry, which is the field of study of the armiger, and Denis is one of the patron saints of France, where the armiger lives.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Three in Chief (HH9)

Nº 6

Maker: Euphemia
Blazon: Amaranth, an escarbuncle of 6, capped by a spear head, trident and Mjolnir, Bronze.
Symbolism: The Armiger listed their favourite colour as Amaranth and The use of bronze evokes their interest in myth and folk tales. This theme is continued throughout. The use of bronze is also evokes the essence of the Khalktauroi, the Brazen Bulls of Colchis yoked by Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece. The Escarbuncle was chosen as the Armiger asked for anything un-medieval in spirit. As a charge, it was originally meant to represent the metal shield braces of the Late Migration and Carolingian era, as a transition to the age of Heraldry. The escarbuncle is a circular object evoke the Armiger’s belief in fairness, sincerity and equality, by evoking the Philosophy of the Round Table. A circular table has no head, therefore everyone who sits at the table is as equal as the next. A circle has equal distribution about a central origin. The Armiger stared beliefs in European unity and values, which was difficult to define, so the founding principles of the European Union were used in their stead. These are: the respect for human dignity and human rights, freedom, democracy, equality and the rule of law. These values are represented by the circular nature of the Escarbuncle, and that it is also a vaguely star shaped object, evoking the flag of the EU. The whole ensemble further enforces the Armigers interest in myth and folk tales. The Escarbuncle of 6, evokes the Thundermark of Perun, the Chief god of Slavic Paganism, amongst whose domains is Law and therefore further evoking European Values. Each of the symbols represents the Cultures of Ancient Europe. The spearhead representing the the Spear of Lugh. Lugh was a member of the Tuatha De Danann, or tribe of gods, from Gaelic Celtic mythology, amongst whose domains was also Law. Mjölnir represents Norse/Germanic Paganism, and the Trident of Poseidon, representing Hellenic Paganism. Together this has the effect of showing distinct but equal cultures united around a common ideal, hence evoking European Unity and values. The ensemble also represents responsibility for the actions of the self, as believed by the Armiger, but also as an extension, in service of a collective good This design is meant to please the armigers aesthetic tastes (combined charges). Furthermore, the single charge represents the Loneliness that the Armiger experiences, but also their belief in open-ness, having the limbs of the esacarbuncle spread wide and open and welcoming. The 6 limbs also demonstrating that there are only ever six degrees of separation between us all.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Non-Traditional Tinctures (HH8) & Star (HH6)

Nº 7

Maker: Jacques#6165
Blazon: Per fess wavy Ermines and Verdigris, two hands, one raising the index Verdigris in chief, issuant from base, the other appaumé inverted Sable in base, issuant from chief. For a crest, a hob sable holding an open book proper, with on the sinister page a gore Aquamarine, the words A LONG TIME AGO IN A GALAXY FAR FAR AWAY.
Symbolism: The field shows both the sea in verdigris and the night sky in ermines, representing the love of the owner for both sailing and space exploration. The two hands refer to the most famous School of Athens, with the finger pointing to the sky of idealist Plato, representing the influence of poetry to the holder's world-view, and the hand pointing to the ground of realist Aristotle, representing social conservatism. In the crest, the hob is canting, and the book represents the affection of the holder for the Star Wars franchise, with the gore on the left page, looking like an turning page, standing for his preference for the prelogy over the sequels.
Twists used: Gore (HH7) & Non-Traditional Tinctures (HH8)

Nº 8

Maker: .Jpeg#6546
Blazon: Aquamarine, a heather bloom with petals crosswise surmounted by a like bloom with petals saltirewise fimbriated Aquamarine, both Argent.
Symbolism: The Aquamarine being a mix of Azure and Vert, represents the lush green Scottish meadows, and being the favourite colours of their significant other, and, along with Argent, represents the colours in the Scottish flag. The two Heather flowers are meant to represent the flag of the United Kingdom, with the Heather in saltire representing Scotland, fimbriated to show it breaking free from the union, as the recipient advocates for Scottish independence. It also represents individuality and freedom, another some of the recipients ideals.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Non-Traditonal Tinctures (HH8)

Nº 9

Maker: Judah#1924
Blazon: Or, two bends gemel Amaranth. In sinister chief, a mullet of five Amaranth. For a crest, a dragon's head couped Amaranth eyed and langued Or.
Symbolism: The recipient listed Red and Orange as favorite colors, so the tinctures used are inspired by that, both taken in fun directions. The general design is based on the flag of the recipient's hometown. The bends gemel represent going with the flow and seeing where life's taking you, hinting as they do to railway tracks, with the bend orientation representing progress. The dragon's head in the crest represents the fact that the recipient... Likes dragons.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Star (HH6) & Non-Traditional Tinctures (HH8)

Nº 10

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Gules, issuant from the point of a gore a cross pommy Argent. For a crest, a hexagon with a fleur-de-lis issuant from each point Gules and charged with a flaming heart Argent.
Symbolism: The cross pommy symbolizes both the Catholic faith and also chemistry, the field of study of the armiger, as it resembles a molecule model. Gore resembles turning a page, and thus the cross issuing from the tip of it refers to science of theology and chemistry. In the crest, the hexagon symbolizes a benzene molecule, and the flaming heart the Sacred heart, which is a reference to both the faith and home region of the armiger. Furthermore, the decorative fleur-de-lis refer to their home country. The tinctures are those found on the arms of the armiger's home region.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Gore (HH7)

Nº 11

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Azure, on a plate between seven billets 3+2+2 Argent a compass Gules. For a crest, issuant from a wreath of colours a demi-baboon Azure armed and langued Argent bearing in its forepaws a compass Gules. For a motto "By Beastly Courage".
Symbolism: Baboons are social creatures that use democratic voting to make some decisions within the pack; hence it symbolizes democracy and politics, which the armiger is interested in. Likewise, the billets refer to voting ballots. The compass refers to the armiger's interest in cartography, and so does the roundel Argent, which symbolizes a globe. Furthermore, the baboon and motto refer to their animalistic interests.
Twists used: Red Sox RWB (HH5) & Three in chief (HH9)

Nº 12

Maker: Loggail#0629
Blazon: Argent, a dragon segreant Azure armed Argent clutching in its forelimbs a rod of Asclepius of the field and a gore of the second. For a crest, a dragon's head erased Argent wearing a beret Azure.
Symbolism: The armriger is passionate about animals (both real and imaginary) and medicine, hence the dragon holding the Rod of Asclepius. The colors, blue and white, are used on their current coat of arms and they have stated that they like the color blue. The beret on the crest is a stereotypical symbol of an artist or a painter, symbolizing their interest in art.
Twists used: Two Tinctures (HH4) & Gore (HH7)

Nº 13

Maker: Mx/Mevreer Marijn van Hoorn🌈#0270
Blazon: Vert, a gore Or, a sword of the second in bend sinister; for a crest, a mullet barry wavy Or and Vert.
Symbolism: The vert and the sword are a nod to the toy soldiers; the gore of or (intended to be emblazoned as) coming from the sword represents your passion for knowledge of curiosity, via symbolism of light/enlightening the world. The sword is also in reference to your interest in history and culture. The crest's barry wavy is a nod to Loch Ness; the star is again used to represent light and knowledge.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Gore (HH7)

Nº 14

Maker: skyskipper#1787
Blazon: Argent, a clay pot overturned Brunatre emitting therefrom a gore Aquamarine. Crest: Atop a rocky mount Argent, a mountain goat Brunatre attired Argent.
Symbolism: The clay pot represents the armiger's interest in global cultural history and museum curatorship, pots being an almost universally-found sign of human inhabitance throughout history. On these pots may be inscribed stories or mythologies of the local traditions. The gore represents water pouring from the pot, water being the lifeblood of every civilization. The crest represents the armiger's idealization of resilience and aspiration: it strives to reach the top of the rocky hill, no matter how treacherous the journey.
Twists used: Gore (HH7) & Non-Traditional Tinctures (HH8)

Nº 15

Maker: Münchner#8888
Blazon: Gules, a gore issuant from chief in base five Manus Dei issuant from edge pointed to fess point Argent.
Symbolism: The tinctures of the shield Gules and Argent,—Red and White—correspond to those present on the flag of the nation in which the recipient lives. While the gore with the hands pointing towards it symbolises a ballot, being reached for by the masses, in a reference to the soul ideal and passion the recipient listed: democracy. The hands, as mentioned previously symbolise the masses of people involved in such a system. But upon closer inspection the hands are multiple Manus Dei. This is to reference the recipient’s faith in Christianity as well as the hand of god guides voters to make the correct choice.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Gore (HH7)

Nº 16

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Aquamarine, in bend a branch proper resting upon which a dove close regardant Argent holding in it's beak a mullet Or. For a crest, a parrots head Aquamarine beaked Or. The Motto: Speak Kind Words.
Symbolism: The white dove, commonly associated with peace, represents kindness and pacifism. it faces sinister, further indicating it's unwillingness to fight. Being held in the beak, or mouth, it holds a golden star, representing a story, or the gift of language. so does the parrots golden beak. It being a parrot of all animals is tied into the concept of language acquisition, as well as curiosity, as parrots are intelligent and curious creatures.
Twists used: Star (HH6) & Non-Traditional Tinctures (HH8)

Nº 17

Maker: Niseag#1579
Blazon: Per fess Verdigris and Gules a triangle countercharged. For a crest a shepherds crook Gules. The motto: First, gain wisdom.
Symbolism: Green is the colour associated with medicine, as well as nature. as verdigris is oxidated so typically old, metal it also links to history. Red, as the colour of blood empathises medicine but also references family. The triangle repeats the family motive, alluding to a family tree. A triangle is a shape with a solid base pointing upwards, referencing upwards grow based in a solid, religious base. Encapsulating all of this armigers other ideals. The motto reinforces that. The crest repeats the motives of religion and supported base.
Twists used: Two Colours (HH4) & Non-Traditional Tinctures (HH8)