The Roll of Arms is a non-profit initiative from The Heraldry Community. Its aim is to provide a free register for anyone who wishes to give an online presence to their coat of arms.


Why register your arms with us?

Armorial Bearings play an important part in the records of an individual. Because heraldry represents a particular person, it becomes a mirror of his personality and history. Therefore, it is only fitting to register arms in order to make your design easily accessible and thus prevent anyone from using your design in bad faith.

Plenty of other websites offer a similar service to ours, but most of them do it for a cost despite their registration having no legal value. We offer a free and transparent alternative to those websites.

Our members are passionate about heraldry and concerned about the recognition of different traditions and the respect of good practice, therefore it is only fair that our website reflect those concerns by indicating said tradition and reviewing arms before adding them to the roll.

About the name

Historically, a roll of arms (or armorial) was a collection of painted pictures of the shields (escutcheons, also known as "coats of arms") representing visually the blazons (formal descriptions of the arms) of persons who had been given a grant of arms. This Roll of Arms has been created in that spirit, as a venue for displaying the armorial achievements of individuals and organizations that have either been granted or have assumed arms as a form of personal identification in keeping with the traditions of heraldry.

What is the GreiiN?

The GreiiN (or Greii Number) is the registration number of all entry of the Roll of Arms. The name is a tribute to Greii Equites who first used the system to sort the internal roll of arms of the Heraldry Community Roll of Arms Discord Server.


The Heraldry Community is not an official registrer of arms and is not affiliated with any governmental or other entity that has legal authority to grant or register armorial bearings.

Equally, the Heraldry Community's Roll of Arms is not a seal of good quality and good practice as we are no authority to decide in an absolute manner what is right and what is wrong.