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Canadian heraldry is the heraldic tradition of Canada.

Coat of arms of Canada


Canadian heraldry is heavily influenced by British heraldry but takes creative elements from other traditions, most notably indigenous Canadian art. De to the multicultural background of the Canadian population, this tradition is fairly liberal in its rules and adherence to tradition, taking elements of various other traditions and para-heraldic practices. Canadian heraldry notably uses a variety of unique helmets not found in other heraldic traditions, such as Corinthian helmets, nasal helmets, UN Peacekeeping helmets, parka hoods, and even astronaut helmets. It also uses a variety of shield shapes, including round shields inspired by drums for some indigenous armigers. Indigenous art styles are incorporated into Canadian heraldry, and some charges may be blazoned as being depicted in a certain art style. Canadian heraldry is also known for a more wide spread use untraditional tinctures, such are bleu-céleste, rose or even copper. To be noted nonetheless, this trend seem to have diminished in important in recent years. It also features a system of cadency distinct from British cadency which acknowledges female inheritance. Canadian armigers may utilise a badge and standard, as well as their achievement.


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